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Sms Advertising Essay

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In past few years, SMS has a remarkable increasing involvement in marketing practice, it has been used with other traditional media, such as print advertising, television commercial or other broadcasting, to strengthen the efficiency of the campaign (Zhang and Mao, 2008). It was claimed that SMS itself enables to enlarge the campaign’s reach and effectiveness because of ability of interactive to create viral effect. Wohlfahrt (2002) explained that when receivers receive message, they then forward to further other people in their contact list, and it has been proven by Kroeber-Riel and Weinberg (2003) that those messages delivered by familiar senders were seen in more trustworthy than those ...view middle of the document...

, 2004). SMS can capture tens of thousands consumer with a low budget compared (Leppanieni and Karjaluoto, 2005)
There is variety of way which SMS has been used as a medium. Because SMS provide diversity of response capabilities such as message based responses, call based response, and mobile web landing page response (See Appendix D, MMA, 2009b), SMS is exercised to request for phone’s users engagement (Dickinder et al., 2004). To illustrate, SMS will be sent with the hyperlink allowing phone users to click to make a call (or click) to buy, to download, to vote, to contest or to win a prize. Boonmark’s studies (2006) found that messages were sent out with different kind of appeal, such as rewards, loves, and emotional appeal. But most of the times, messages with rewards were the most frequency message sent out.
Privacy aspect is the most vital issue for mobile marketing, since the mobile device is a personal use, SMS advertising with permission is introduced to solve the privacy concern (Leppanieni and Karjaluoto, 2005). This permission-based advertising will be sent to individual who indicate their willingness to receive, and mostly are about specific product or service (Zoller et al., 2001). Boonmark (2006) mentioned that it also can utilized when phone users ask for information, the content providers will send a requested information to the phone users (Boonmark, 2006). For example, USA Today provides headline news to the phone users who subscribe to their service (MMA, 2009b). In Thailand, the content can be news (politic, breaking news, weather forcast), or entertainment (Boonmark, 2006). It was suggusted by Leppanieni and Karjaluoto (2005) that permission-based should be applied to SMS marketing because it tends to be more acceptable in...

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