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Snail Mail Is History: Social Networking Is A Valuable Connection

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The social networking community is flourishing at a phenomenal rate and not with just the adolescents of America or other countries around the world, but with adults as well. People of any age now have an account on a social networking site such as Myspace, Facebook, or Twitter. The almost immediate success of social networking sites such as these can be contributed to the ease of communication that they provide. The simplicity of communication with friends and colleagues is nearly mind-boggling. However, this is not the only perk to the online community known as social networking. Social networking can be used as a splendid source of information, and not only to find out what a friend will ...view middle of the document...

The United States Parcel Service otherwise known as “snail mail” has become antiquated, largely in part because of social networking.
Social networking is a terrific tool, though some individuals attempt to argue that social networking causes privacy breaches and ultimately will create drama. According to the opposition’s view point this is creating a predicament. Individuals argue that social networking can be an excellent source of entertainment, but the price can weigh heavy on the mind. People that use social networking are paying their dues with their privacy, and that is a pretty hefty price to pay. “..people are being lured into Facebook with the promise of a fun, free service, and don't realize that they're paying for it by giving up loads of personal information. Facebook then attempts to "monetize" one's data by selling it to advertisers that want to send targeted messages” (Lyons, “The High Price of Facebook”).” Privacy is the key to keeping individuals identity safe, themselves safe, and their family and friends safe. Another argument is the drama that social networking generates. Rather than talking to a person about issues that one might have with one another, individuals are turning to the internet and social networking sites to express their frustration. Individuals are constantly updating their “statuses” about where there at, what they are doing, and the newest trend tagging who is with them. This sort of behavior eventually leads to unnecessary drama. Though this is a legitimate argument, it is skewed. Social networking is not to blame for the individual’s incompetence; the individual is the blame for privacy breaches and drama.
Social networking is extremely misconstrued by the masses. They accuse social networking as being the culprits for the individual’s problems, when in fact the felon is the individual alone. Individuals need someone to blame for their idiotic tendencies. Social networking if used properly it can be a fabulous tool in society. “Social media is inherently democratic since it allows people to produce, consume and share content broadly. For free. Giving people a platform for discussion and coordination has tremendous ramifications for democratization..” ( Vericat, "ACCIDENTAL ACTIVISTS: USING FACEBOOK TO DRIVE CHANGE.").” Social networking allows people to have a voice that can influence millions of people across the world. Politically social networking is a tool that can impact an entire nation, and even the world. Social networking can also be used for reporting news such as, natural disasters and severe weather. When typhoon Morakot hit Taiwan the government under estimated the crisis and failed to have a stable form of communication. People living in Taiwan turned to social networking. “..When traditional emergency reporting systems in Tainan County were overloaded, people instead reported the first-aid need directly on the Tainan Commissioner’s Plurk.” (Cheng-Min, Huang, Chan Edward, and Hyder...

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