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Symbiosis National Aptitude Test '05
    Executive Summary
SYMBIOSIS lived up to its reputation and presented a very easy paper in its SNAP test. The difficulty level of the paper on a scale of 1-5 was a max of 2-2.5.On the basis of these assumptions the broad strategies to be followed while attempting the test should have been:
1. The number of attempts should have been 110-120.
2. The strategy of “ selective but with high degree of accuracy” should have been the order of the day.
3. Since all the sections were easy, it was the discretion of the student to choose which section to attempt first. A typical sequence to start with could have been QA, Logical reasoning, DI, Verbal, ...view middle of the document...

Most of them were straightforward. If the test taker had the basic conceptual clarity, 22 marks could have easily been scored. On a statistical basis 80% of the questions were direct which required basic understanding of QA.
Sample Questions:
1. If P=6Q then Q is less than P by what %.
2. 6 tickets of a cinema hall are given out of which 4 are on front row. If 2 tickets are chosen, probability that both of them are front row seats is…?
3. A Number when multiplied by 53 instead of 35 gives the result, which is greater than the original result by 1206. The original multiplicand is…?
4. When 75 % of a number is added to 75, the result is the number itself.
5. What is the approximate time between 7 and 8 when the hands of the clock are opposite to each other?
Section 2: Data Interpretation
|Topic |Number of questions |Difficulty |Time |Possible Attempts |
|Pie Chart (1) |2 |Moderate |3 minutes |2 |
|Line Graph (1) |4 |Easy |7 minutes |3 |
|Tables |6 |Moderate |10 minutes |6 |
|Data Sufficiency (2 types) |8 |Easy |5 minutes |10 |
|Total |20 |Easy |25 minutes |21 |

The DI section was of moderate difficulty level. The set based questions were easy but a judicious selection had to be made. The DS part of 3 statements was easy, but one of the questions had two identical options and hence the question was incorrect. The two statements DS section were the easiest ones and should have served as a confidence booster to start this section. The Pie chart 2 question DI set was calculation based. The 6 questions set on import export was a combination of calculation and judgment. The 2 questions based on judgment in this set were dicey and one should have been careful while attempting them. A set of 4 questions on share prices was easy.
A typical DS (3 statement) question was:
Mean temp from Mon-Wed is 37 and Tue-Thu in that same week is 34. What is the temp on Thu?
1) Temp on Thu is 4/5 as on Mon.
2) Mean temp of Mon and Thu is 40.5.
3) Difference between the temp of Mon and Thu is 7 Degrees.
Overall if a proper pick and choose method was adopted, one should have scored very high in this section.
Section 3: General Awareness
This year’s GK section had 40 questions in all, each question was worth one mark each.
The questions were asked from all the areas of GK viz, Static GK, Current GK and Business GK. Maximum questions were from Business GK and the lowest belonged to Static GK.

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