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Snoring And The Obnoxiuos Habits Of College Roomates

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Do you like Mexican ska music at ridiculous levels? What about getting woken up two hours before you need to by an alarm that never goes off? I'm sure most people do not enjoy getting woken up too early, no not most none. They may like Mexican ska music; I love ska music but no longer Mexican ska. Why you ask? Guilty by association causes my putrid dislike of Mexican ska music because the only time I hear it is six in the morning. Now Mexican ska will always pair up with waking up early, uggghhh sorry I just got a little disgusted. This is not just about Mexican ska but more of sleeping and the ways that my roommates wake me up at all different times, keep me from sleeping, and the things I ...view middle of the document...

The alarms suck as is but I get sleep. When I wake up in the middle of the night because of snoring is what really digs into me. I'm in the middle of sleeping, it is fantastic, and my body rejuvenates itself for another day of hard, studious activities. You should also remember that I do not get much sleep (I am in college) so when I do sleep I enjoy it. So here I am deep in sleep and then I wake up, one of those times when you're like why did I just wake up quickly replacing it is this sucks. I am in no state of mind to decipher the reason for my abrupt resuscitation but then I hear the reason, SNNNRRRGHHHHHHHH. If you do not know what that jumble of letters means it is snoring but not just one roommate, three. I can deal with one roommate snoring, especially when not that loud, but they snore so loud I get frightened that a bear is in my room. If you have never been woken up by snoring then either no one is snoring, basically you live alone, or it is you. Happening only once in awhile when someone is sick would be one thing but every night occasions lead to a bellowing anger itching for compensation for lost sleep.So I'm angry from alarm clocks, roommates shrugging off the alarms, and snoring but how do I deal with such annoyances. Well when it comes to the alarm clocks my most used method is the classic pillow over the ears and just ignoring it. The pillow technique really does not work all that well, you may get rid of some noise but then added onto that is a really hot head, a headache, and you suffocate yourself. None of those effects are particularly good especially suffocation. I still try and use the pillows or shove my head into the corner with the pillows but then I deal with the wall which again carries downsides like its hard and cold. Most people may think why not just get up and turn them off. To them I say that is giving in and I will not resort to surrender. I generally just ignore it because I am too lazy to even yell at anyone but sometimes I get enough courage to yell at them but instead of turning those off they turn it to snooze. Oh the snooze button, the button of procrastinators but dreaded by their roommates. The feeling of elation since I no longer must worry about alarms waking me up and I can sleep in tranquility does not last long. The snooze button is a wily one because right when I fall into sleep again some garble of Spanish starts playing awaking me yet again. This cycle continues on for an hour until I finally need to get up so my whole sleep gets ruined by that damn alarm. Dealing with snoring...

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