Snowden Traitor Or Hero Essay

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Regarding the Edward Snowden case there is a an very interesting ethical problem. Just to give us a bit of background context ; Edward Snowden was an employee of the CIA and NSA, who revealed details of several monitoring programs and American mass britanniques. For some peolpe he was considered like a hero because he has brought to light confidential information that deserves to be in the public domain and for other a villainous traitor because those put in danger his country, it is important to ask whether his revelations comes under the ethical or the legal fact.

Ethical :

We know that most people would feel betrayed by Edward because he released ...view middle of the document...

It is based on the mechanisms of power highlight this was based on the wrong source, and they point to things like the senators who kept saying that we see how the Patriot Act is interpreted and you should be worried public, and that is not going anywhere. And if the thought was, in significant damage was done to the American public and there was not the usual mechanisms by which that evil does see the light of day, then add to that the fact that Snowden had a responsibility he did sign pieces of paper that said, "I will not do it" So they do not ignore these facts, but they thought that was trumped by other things.

So we can say that Edward Snowden did is ethical because for him the aim to reveal this information about the American people was to help them and show the true face of NSA.

Legal :

We know that in the world of work today, and especially in the government's Americian we are obliged to keep secret internal organization to avoid putting people in danger. If this contract have broken the nation may be in danger.
It is important to realize ethics and laws are not the same. Laws are established to protect software developers (copyright and licensing) and users (privacy issues). Laws have penalties associated with them. If you don’t obey the law, you are punished. Ethics, however, are based on principles and values. In reality, there is no global punishment for ethics violation, although individual companies, schools, etc. may have rules that, if violated, have punishments associated with them.
It is not illegal for a person to go to buy a fancy dress or suit, wear it for a special occasion with the tags tucked in, then return it the next day; however, it is unethical. Sometimes laws are based on ethical principles, meaning ethics can be the predecessor of laws. Computer use escalated much faster than the development of laws and policies which protected the users, programmers, and developers. We relied on ethics to control people's behavior. With so many values, it was hard to decipher who was right and who was wrong. Laws have finally defined the parameters for everyone to follow, but laws do not exist in every realm of the information industry, so we still rely on ethics to control many situations.

We also know that he violated the trust the CIA, NSA, and his bosses had in him to keep this information a secret ! In addition,...

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