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So Much To Tell You Essay

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So Much to Tell You Essay
The themes explored in “So Much to Tell You” By John Marsden are relationships; family issues; attitude; Self Image/ Identity. In this Novel you are reading the diary entries of a teenager by the name of Marina, she has been sent to boarding school because her mother hopes it will get her talking again.
The point of view of this book is first person and is written as an internal monologue and displayed in a diary format. The only problem with the novel being first person is that you only get one side of the story. So you don’t know how they others react to Marina even though she tells you that “I make the nice ones angry” but we don’t know how true this is we just ...view middle of the document...

Mr. Lindell is the only person Marina trusts so when she was in Hospital so wrote to him hoping that he could get her out. The strangest relationship that Marina has is with her family.
Marina and her mother Relationship isn’t a normal loving caring mother to daughter relation but is quite different. Marina make the reader fell like her mum by whom she feels betrayed and has abandon her by when she got drop of at the boarding school “…Sent here because my mother can’t stand my silent presence at home. Sent here because of my face.” And then goes off with her new husband (which Marina thinks is a creep) to New York. Then when Marina goes home her mother puts her back in hospital. So the reader does begin to feel like her mother has abandoned her and get stand to see her. When Marina’s mum tries to talk to her and Marina doesn’t talk back so her mum get angry at her and yells which make Marina get upset and not wanting to talk. That makes their relationship difficult and is driving them apart.
Marina relationships she has with eh rest of her family isn’t has intense as it is with her mum but still different from most families. Marina wants to know her father because in the time they were together she never gets to really know him. She also doesn’t blame him for what he did to her by getting acid on her face instead she feels sorry for him because he tried to support a family “I don’t know what’s best really. I mean, he worked so hard to make money so we could have things…… But look at where we’ve ended after all his hard work”. So the reader knows why she wants to get to know him. Marina and her grandmother don’t really communicate, only communicating when it is really needed to stay in touch. When Marina staid at her grandma house, Marina just watches TV and did what her grandma ask her don’t do, not really doing much else. Her grandma took her to see a movie on March 4 Marina didn’t mind it but felt that her grandma is being nice to her and that she feel very awkward when she is around her.
The attitude that Marina has is a typically teenager. But Marina does...

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