"So What If I'm Not 21?" Opinions On The Legal Drinking Age We Should Lower It To 18

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At the age of 18, one gains many responsibilities, such as being able to marry. But if you're 20, don't even think about having that traditional sip of champagne at your wedding reception because every state in the United States has set the legal drinking age at 21 years old. The drinking age has a major impact on the 18-21 year-old crowd because many feel drinking is a right they should have since they are considered adults. This is an issue that faces the national and state governments. The United States passed a law in 1984 to raise the drinking age to 21, and would reduce highway funds for states that didn't change the age. Should the drinking age be lowered to 18 years old, when one is ...view middle of the document...

High school students who use alcohol or other drugs frequently are up to five times more likely than other students to drop out of school ( National Institute).Gordis, along with the rest of the proponents, claim that a sudden decline in alcohol related deaths in young people is a direct result of the minimum legal drinking age being at 21. They believe that the higher age limit discourages teen drinking since it makes it harder for them to get the alcohol, and when they do turn 21, they won't want to bother because they made it so long without any. Current research estimates suggest that the 21 age limit saves the lives of over 1,000 youth each year and prevents countless traffic crashes and injuries( about .com).The National Traffic Highway Safety Administration has estimated that 18,220 lives have been saved due to an increased drinking age.Opponents believe that an age restriction of 21 is ridiculous when an 18 year old is considered adult enough to vote, get married, and go to war, but not to have a celebratory sip of champagne at his or her own wedding.. Teens see alcohol as the 'forbidden fruit', which is a major symbol of maturity and independence. Drinking under the age of 21 is illegal, and therefore seen a rebellious activity by teenagers. Some even believe it's made drinking alcohol, especially abusively or excessively, more widespread among college students and others in the 18 to 21 category.Unsupervised drinking environments encourage abusive drinking. Opponents argue that if a teen has to put in lots of effort to get a few drinks, they will not sip and savor, but gulp while they have access (Marin Institute).Studies show that less young adults drink due to the age restriction, but the ones that do drink do so more abusively (Marin Institute). The Government shouldn't target the age limit,...

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