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Social And Ethical Issue In Marketing Management: "Nintendo Vs. Sega:Sex, Violence, And Videogames"

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Content1. Case Introduction21.1 Emerging of videogame industry21.2 Competition of Nintendo and SEGA in USA market21.3 Dramatic advance in videogame industry21.4 New level of realism31.5 New level of realism causes concern52. Situational Analysis52.2 Industry situation53. Problem Statement84. Alternative Solutions85. Recommendation9Conclusion9Reference101. Case Introduction1.1 Emerging of videogame industryThe videogame sector is the fastest growing entertainment industry and second only to music in profitability. Videogames were first introduced in the 1970s. Personal computers just began to become widely available. Along with personal computers in 1972 first video game consol was ...view middle of the document...

Videogame consoles become more and more sophisticated. Quality of videogames' graphics increased. Videogames popularity shoots up.By early 1990s new wide range of videogames appeared which can be classified as fighting. Players face against each other or against computer-controlled characters in close combat.No more cute hedge hogs and Mario Brothers. With advance in technologies characters pictures become fully digitalized human beings. The characters, whom young players crash, now look more and more like the kids at school, the neighbor who lives down the street or the young woman heading for aerobic class.1.4 New level of realismIssue of violent content in video games actually dates back as early as 1976 with Exidy Games' Death Race (Exhibit 1.1) where one or two players control an on-screen car (two cars if two players played) with a steering wheel and an acceleration pedal. The object was to run down "gremlins" that were fleeing the vehicle. The graphics were very primitive, but the "gremlins" looked more like stick men and the game's working title had been Pedestrian, so its implication was clear. Release of this game caused a great dissonance with public.Exhibit 1.1 Screenshot from "Death Race" videogameThen year 1992 was the year when one of the most controversial video games Mortal Kombat (Exhibit 1.2) was released.Exhibit 1.2 Screenshot from the videogame "Mortal Kombat". Year 1992.One more disgustful example of unacceptable violence in video games is Carmageddon (Exhibit 1.3) which was issued in 1997. In this game you have chance to kill about 30 thousands people. Among them there are children, elderly women with walkers and ctr.Exhibit 1.3 Screenshot from videogame "Carmageddon". Year 1997.And those above are only few examples. Eventually it happened what had happened in early 1990s in USA.1.5 New level of realism causes concernIn 1994 in America violence was considered by many people to have reached epidemic proportions. All across the US - in cities and towns large and small - citizens were increasingly fearful and concerned that violence was out of control.There was no easy answer what is the reason of this trend. But many experts said that the pervasive violence in television programming, films, and video games was one seed that promoted physical aggressiveness in some individuals.Subject of videogame has become controversial for citizens and government. Videogame industry as whole has faced social-ethical problem.2. Situational Analysis2.1 Social-political situationAlarmed by the violent content of many videogames, parents and concerned citizens starting lobbying for a comprehensive, industry wide videogame rating system that would give parents the information they needed to make informative choices.Society point of view: develop standards to alert parents to the content of videogames.Law-makers point of view: system to prevent creation of future violent criminals but allowing business activity and freedom of speech and...

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