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Social Care Essay

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Unit overview
Elements of competence

Prepare to administer medication to individuals
Administer, report on and monitor individual’s medication

About this unit
For this unit you need to prepare for, administer and monitor the effects of medication on
individuals. You will also have to be able to record on and store medications correctly. The unit
applies to all medication used for and by individuals, both prescribed and non-prescribed. This unit
is intended to be used in a variety of care settings including hospitals, nursing and residential
homes, hospices, and community settings including the individual’s own home and ...view middle of the document...

Relevant staff may include: person in charge (eg nurse, midwife, social worker); pharmacist;
medical staff.
Routes may include: oral; topical – including skin creams; eye/ear or nasal drops; inhaled; for
injection – intra-muscular/sub-cutaneous.
Standard precautions and health and safety measures including handwashing/cleansing before
during and after the activity; the use of personal protective clothing and additional protective
equipment; handling contaminated items; disposing of waste; safe moving and handling
techniques and untoward incident procedures.
Storage conditions may include: security; temperature; light; and issuing and accounting for

OCR Level 3 NVQ in Health and Social Care




Unit overview (continued)
Your knowledge and understanding for this unit will relate to legal requirements and codes of
practice applicable to the scope of your work and others with whom you work; the nature of the
work you are undertaking; your role and level of responsibility within your organisation (eg whether
you have responsibility to support the work of others); the individuals, key people1 and others with
whom you are required to work and the degree of autonomy you have for the management of your
own work activities.

Values underpinning the whole of the unit
The values underpinning this unit have been derived from the key purpose statement2, the
statement of expectations from carers and people receiving services, relevant service standards
and codes of practice for health and social care in the four UK countries. If you are working with
children and young people they can be found in the principles of care unit 34. If you are working
with adults they can be found in unit 35. To achieve this unit you must demonstrate that you have
applied the principles of care outlined in either unit 34 or unit 35 in your practice and through your


If you are working with children and young people the term “individuals” covers children and young people and key people” covers
parents, families, carers, friends and others with whom the child/young person has a supportive relationship
The key purpose identified for those working in health and social care settings is “to provide an integrated, ethical and inclusive service,
which meets agreed needs and outcomes of people requiring health and/or social care”


OCR Level 3 NVQ in Health and Social Care




Key words and concepts
This section provides explanations and definitions of the key words and concepts used in this unit.
In occupational standards it is quite common to find words or phrases used which you will be
familiar with, but which, in the detail of the standards, may be used in a very particular way.
Therefore, we would encourage you to read this section carefully before you begin working
with the standards and to refer back to this section...

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