Social Class Impact On Health Issues

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The Impact of Social Class on health outcomes in Australia
Within Australia, social inequalities have long existed and play a fundamental role in the differences in access to healthcare services and the resulting adverse health outcomes. Through the disparity of social class we can also see its impact psychologically and its effect on mental health issues and suicide rates within the lower classes. Furthermore, the families ability to provide nutritional meals, a healthy lifestyle, adequate living arrangements and a good education is also said to severely decrease when from a lower socio-economic background. Through ten articles, we will explore these findings and in turn reveal how social ...view middle of the document...

This can be linked to the greater use of fast food high fat and low nutritious meals simply because they are cheap and convenient.
Socio-economic status plays a large role in the health care outcomes of individuals. The amount of hospital visits differs largely between low socio-economic status and high socio-economic status. Another role social class plays, is the recommendations received by each social class from a professional physician. Previous studies have shown that rates of ambulatory care sensitive condition related hospital admissions are generally higher in low-income areas than in high-income areas (Disano, Goulet, Muhajarine, Neudorf, and Harvey, 2010). It has been suggested that factors such as inadequate heath care insurance, lack of access to a family physician and other barriers to primary care, such as unhealthy behaviours (eg. smoking, physical inactivity, exercise and excessive alcohol use) may compromise health outcomes among low-income populations (Billings et al., 1993, as cited in Disano et al., 2010). As well as this, when individuals of a low socio-economic status seek health care, more than one in ten physicians would recommend inappropriate advice toward their problem (Pollack, Mallya and Polsky, 2008). Physicians also use inappropriate screening modalities on those with a low-income.
Data was drawn from surveys undertaken in thirteen socio-economically disadvantaged neighbourhoods in Victoria, Australia. Analysis focused on the relationship between area and compositional factors and health. These thirteen neighbourhoods were rated poorly compared to states average factors including unemployment rate, welfare status, persons completing year 12 and crime rate. Analysis focused on the relationship between area and compositional factors and health. Residents in...

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