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Social Conflicts Essay

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CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION Background of the Study THEORETICAL/ CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK `The concept of this research is concentrated onthe values manifested in theselected conversation of the major characters on the novel “Les Miserables”.Values are the internalized, unique standards of an individual. They start off as being desirable because the individual knows and feels that they are right and proper to want for him self and for others and they also promise enjoyment or satisfaction in their attainment. Values are seen as growing from a person’s experiences.` Reader – Responsetheory SOCIOLOGICAL APPROACH `Thecritics examine literature in its cultural, economic, and political ...view middle of the document...

Paradigm ofthe study Statement of the Problem This study aims to determine the values manifested in the novel of Victor Marie Hugo “Les Miserable”. ` Specifically it is aimed at answering the following questions:` `What are the values manifested inthe selected conversation of the major characters on thenovel Les Miserable?` `2. What are the values manifested in the selected conversation of thenovel that are reflected in the Philippine society?` CHAPTER II `DESIGN AND METHODOLOGY` This chapter presents the design and methodologythat the researcher used in conducting this study. RESEARCH DESIGN ` Problem one, which focuses on the values manifested in selected conversation of the major characters onthe novel “Les Miserables”, was answered through the biographical, moral / philosophical approaches, formalistic and reader – response approach. Formalistic approach involves close reading of the text. The researcher used this approach because he believes that all information essential to interpretation of a work must be found within the work itself. Reader – response approach analyzes the reader’s role in the production of meaning. The researcher expresses his feeling as he reads the novel. Considering that an author’s life can help the reader better understand the work. Literature is based on the belief that a writer’s life may shed light on his/ her literature and the literature of the era. The researcher believes that the larger purpose of literature is to teach morality and to probe philosophical issue. Therefore the researcher used the biographical, moral / philosophical, formalistic and reader– response approachwere used to know the values manifested in the novel of Victor Hugo “Les Miserables”.` ` Problem two, which focuses on the values manifested in theselected conversationthat are reflected in the Philippine society, was answered through the sociological approach. Considering that literature is a reflection of the society, the sociological approachwas used to reflect the social nature of man. It analyzesboththe social functions in the literature and how literature works in society. It explores the relation between the artist and the society and it codifies the literary strategies that are employed to presents social constructs through a sociological methodology. The researcher believes that what happened to the author’s society is reflected in his literary work.` CHAPTER III PRESENTATION, ANALYSIS, AND INTERPRETATION OF THE DATA ` The writer basd the conversation from a real life experience, where Bishop Myriel is inspired by Monsignore Miolles of Digne who helped a real criminal as Jean Valjean. It is very evident that Jean Valjean’s behavior in the scene shows how a person tries to seek benefaction by pointing out what kind of person he is himself, what he has done, and why the people are driving him away so as not to be regarded as dishonest once his real identity...

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