Social Deviance Essay

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Advertisers use emotions as a tactic to get the general public to react to a certain way. Fear is one of the emotions that receive a high reaction from audience. Fear is used in political in advertising, public health advertising, and commercial advertising causing viewers to take precaution and do what advertisers want them to do.
Political ads use fear to perceive a candidate or party as corrupt or incompetent, by dismantling one party it persuades the public to vote or agree with another party’s idea. For Example, in UK’s 2010 General Election the Conservative Party attacks Gordon Brown’s character, by putting and add out with his face that states “I let 80000 criminals out early, vote ...view middle of the document...

The fact that Ebola has entered the United States, brings the problem at home; it’s more personal. People who pop up with the disease are featured on the news. These Ebola patients could’ve been places one is near or have been to. Since one could catch Ebola by being in the same vicinity and it hasn’t been in the United States it makes the disease feel sudden perpetuating the fear. Another health ad that has been circulating is one concerning HIV. The ad captures an African-American male and his friends, but he looks as though something is on his mind. The advisory reads “You deserve answers” (HIV 2013). The tone of the ad is concerning and empathetic. The initial emotion that it appeals to is sadness then fear. Fear is not directly used, but is put into focus by the audience. When one thinks of HIV one thinks of AIDS too. AIDS leads a person to think about the worst possible result death, since there is no cure for the disease. Preventive measures like condoms and abstinence have been used to educate the public on contacting sexually transmitted infections. The ad urges people of all ages to know his or her status, for personal safety and the safety of others to prevent the spread of the virus. The usage of the second person individualizes the ad as if the advertisers are speaking directly to you. In order to appeal to the emotions fear does not have to be a dominant emotion or used at all.
A variety of emotions can be associated with commercial advertisement. Two different commercials aired on CNN, both on car insurance. The first commercial was a State Farm Commercial. In the commercial the husband was on the phone with a State Farm receptionist (Jared) about how much he could save if he switched to State Farm; however, he was whispering and on the phone at an inappropriate time (State Farm 2014). The wife comes downstairs and suspects the husband is on the phone with another woman (2014). The commercial was very light hearted and funny. The commercial is very memorable, because of the irony within it. It urged drivers who had insurance to switch in order to save money and those who do not that State Farm was the cheapest option. Saving money was put at a priority because of the debt issue in America and the inflation of prices. The second commercial was an Allstate commercial. In the commercial there were simply sounds and visuals of a fatal car accident. Then the spokesperson came in and says, “Are you in good hands?” (Allstate 2014) The tone of the commercial is very defining wanting drivers to be insured, particularly with Allstate. The message is clear because it appeals to fear, but at the end it makes one feel safe if he or she has Allstate. Most people have been in a car accident or know an individual who...

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