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Social Differences In Lord Of The Flies

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1.1: Rationale

A group of people living in a region or country having interaction and social relations to one another is called society. While living in a society every member owes a specific job and role which gives him recognition among other members of the society or in other meanings provides him a social status. The same social status of many members in a society gives rise to a social class. This social class is the group of people having same access to opportunities and resources. Social classes are distinguished by their occupation, ...view middle of the document...

William Golding presents the idea of caste and class system through his characters and then shows the results of class differences. Although Golding does not support Marxist theory but in his novel he attacks caste system in a society.

1.2: AIM

This research aims to point out the allegory related to class differences in the novel ‘Lord of the Flies’. William Golding did not support Marxism but still he criticizes the class differences and inequalities in a particular society and describes its drawbacks which lead society towards destruction and chaos. He also desired a classless society.


Marxism is a broad theory based on economical, political and social aspects including materialist interpretation of history, analysis of capitalism, and a theory of social change. This theory supports communism which is a classless society without any traces of inequality while opposes capitalism which is a society full of classes where inequality, race, and violation are inevitable.

The materialistic concept of history in Marxism is the history of the struggle of social classes in a society. . Karl Marx proclaimed that history is the chronology of class struggles, wars, and uprisings. According to Marxists (who supports Marxism) in a capitalist society, a certain class dominates in society thus exploits the rights of other classes who have less authority and power. The wage-worker sells his labor-power to the owner of land and factories .As a result the lower class is unable to achieve further development and success. Another main component of Marxism is the theory of social change or revolution which is important to dissolve the inequality and differences among the humankind in a society.

Marx argued that communism is dictatorship of leading classes where revolution must occur. In Towards a Critique of Hegel’s Philosophy of Right (1844), Marx wrote that the working class was a true revolutionary class. Marxism is a war against slavery. Karl Marx evokes the hostility and hatred of all bourgeois science. The Marxist doctrine is true as being comprehensive and harmonious. Marx’s philosophy has provided the working class with knowledge. Marxism is the opposite of capitalism because Marxists believe that low classes are crushed in a capitalist society where unemployment is common due to use of machines in every field whether it is agriculture or industry.

Some other major concepts of Marxism are the exploitation, alienation of working class and class differences in society. It stresses the division of a society into different classes according to the means of production and income. Marxism describes the classes in a capitalist society which are upper class, middle class, working class and lower class. The upper class exploits other classes. The working class and lower class suffers in the society and the other two classes snatch their rights. The working and lower class...

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