Social Effects Of Drug Abuse Essay

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Social Effects of Drug Abuse
Social effects of drug abuse include some obvious problems - such as gang and domestic violence - as well as hidden costs. Here are a few.
Drug Abuse and Violence
While some experts may argue that drug abuse doesn't necessarily cause violence, most agree that the two are certainly linked, probably because both the habit of abusing drugs and violence are part of delinquent behavior.

But abuse any drug long enough, and it will lead to mental problems such as paranoia that can certainly lead to violence. Plus, methamphetamine is a vicious drug that invariably leads to violent behavior.
Social Effects of Drug Abuse and the Economy
To see an example of how drug abuse affects the economy, look no further than Mexico and its current drug cartel war. Organized crime has long been a threat to public health and safety in Mexico, so in 2006 when he first became president, Felipe Calderón launched Mexico’s drug war.

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If they can't afford an attorney, one is appointed to them at taxpayer cost. Tax money also pays for court costs.

Loss of Income
If a drug addict abuses long enough, his behavior becomes erratic, and he'll start missing work, causing him to eventually lose his job. Because his addiction becomes a priority, he'll squander his salary and savings drugs, meaning his family must rely on social welfare programs for food and shelter, another cost to society.

Social Effects of Drug Abuse


Teens’ drug abuse is affecting our society and it causes many influences. Adolescents’ drug addiction not only has a harmful effect of health but also initiate several social problems. Drug abuse may cause out the social effect like gang activities and domestic violence so they can damage the image of the city on tourists’ mind and affect the tourism industry. This may affect the government financial forecasting, resource distribution and reduce government revenue.

Besides, it also has the health cost, criminal cost and loss of income. Teenage do not have no enough money to pay the cost of emergency room in hospital and the court cost after arrested. So they need to rely on the welfare system and this waste the government money. Therefore, those tremendous costs are affecting our society.


Teenagers’ drug abuse has already happened for many years and it is a serious social problem that cannot be solve in a short period. It raises citizen awareness and government have been tried to tackle the problem. If this issue continuous to become more serious, our society do need to start to educate the next generation and correct the fault of teenagers.

In addition, I think we need to care other friends who nearby us and try to find out the origin. Also, we need to let them know the harmful influence on their health as well as their future as they a part of our society. The government has already invested many sources into this issue. It is time for us to correct it.

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