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Social Exposure Essay

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Social Media
Ray Gomez
February 2, 2016
Lana Sumpter

Social Media
Social Media is considered a form of reaching out to many individuals at one time. In today’s technology social media is one of the many ways, and often the premier way many Americans and individuals around the world gather there information. While social media allows those to be easily stalked and often times bullied, it connects people by displaying an individual relationship with friends, and allows social interaction with networks abroad.
Easily Obtainable Information
Americans around the world are considered the “Now” culture; we want everything immediately and as quickly as possible. This new generation ...view middle of the document...

” (p. 45). People often find it amazing on how easy it is to gather such amount of information regarding any topic instantaneously, but sometimes easy access can have its down falls.
Lule (2012) stated, “A disadvantage to effortlessly accessible information is when critical or sensitive information is available when it ought not to be. It is untoward when a person is using a smart phone and finds that a family member perished in a car accident before the information can be passed to the family in a proper way. Not all news should move fast and be easily come-at-able” (p. 32). Imagine that you are driving home from work during rush hour and the radio states that a portion of the interstate is shut down due to a fatality. Traffic is backed up for hours, and you decide to surf the web to find out exactly what the holdup is about. The local news outlet offers a live stream service and the accident is shown via the smart phone that millions of Americans have access to. The news camera zooms in and you notice that the vehicle involved is extremely similar to the one your love one drives. It has the same identifiable markers and it seems to be in the general area where you might live. There are many instances that sometimes information is often too dissolute, and often times can cause chaos; more times than not can cause a sense of false information; more times than not the information that you see in real time isn’t true. Another perfect example is a loved one who is in the military is killed in action and the news outlet exposes the information before you have been notified; these instances can have a devastating effect on families.
Social Media
Social Media is a tool that connects millions of people from around the world. There are many platforms of social media, but the two well-known platforms are Face Book and Twitter. These two sites have access to millions of people, and can be very useful but can also have detrimental results.
Imagine that you are new to Face Book and you decide to create an account. You input all of the pertinent information and within seconds FB connects you with individuals that you haven’t spoken to in years. Many times old bonds are formed and memories are reminisced. This allows many people to form networks that 20 years ago these networks often have faded away. Worthofusr (2015), "Without social networking sites, you won’t be in better relationship with your old friends and colleagues; this is a busy world and people are running here and there; they don’t have time to think about their old friends; but social networking sites do the job easily and connects this world in a specific place.”(para.4).
Unfortunately this type of networking tool...

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