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Next and Primark


Next plc is a United Kingdom-based retailer offering clothing, footwear and accessories. The Company operates its business through four operating segments: NEXT Retail, a chain of more than 500 stores in the United Kingdom and Eire; NEXT Directory, a home shopping catalogue; NEXT International Retail, with almost 200 mainly franchised stores globally, and NEXT Sourcing, which is engaged in the design, sourcing, buying, merchandising and quality control of NEXT products. Lipsy designs and sells its own branded younger women's fashion products.

The promotion mix elements that Next use, are advertising, sales promotion and sponsorships. Next uses more elements ...view middle of the document...

This is done to increase their market share.

Next offer commercial support and sponsorship to a small number of organisations. They also support local sporting teams of all ages, especially when there is direct employee involvement with the team. Again this is done to make the corporate image look good in the eyes of their customers and to show people who do not shop and that there company is a good quality company.

The products that Next make are well made because they are reasonably priced and the materials that make it are good quality. The way that they are presented on the shelves of their stores and on the online store is very well presented, with a large size variation and designs there is something for anyone. They have over 50,000 employees that work nation wide in their 541 stores. The employees are managed in a centralised way, where the headquarters would make the main decisions for the company such as aims and objectives for everyone to follow and obey. Next has one the best delivery systems in the UK, the reason for this is so that they can deliver their products to their customers as quickly as possible because of their delivery policy if ordered by 11pm the product will be delivered the next day. They also have a large amount of stores numbering at 541 in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The prices of their products are reasonable and affordable by not too cheap where the products are not good quality but not too expensive where the customers cant afford them. They try to keep their prices reasonable so that a wide rage of people can buy them.

The promotion within the market mix of Next is very important because if the product is good quality, reasonably prices and appealable but if people do not know about it then it does not matter how good it is or cheap. Promotion plays a very big part in the market mix of Next, it promotes the corporate image, the value of the company, their market share and their profits that they make form their products.


Primark, which originated in Ireland as Penney’s, first opened in the UK in 1969 and is the retail arm of Associated British Foods. After low key development in the first 30 years, it embarked on an aggressive expansion programme in 2000, initially focussing on its UK portfolio, but turning its attention to mainland Europe in recent...

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