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Social Learning Theory Essay

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Social Learning Theory
Bertha Zhagui
BUS375: Employee Training
Instructor:  Marissa Chavez
July 8, 2013

The importance of training and cost of training are obvious. The question forcing the executives in organization is that how organization can make these training programs more effective. It means that individual makes the organizational performance better by utilizing their knowledge and skills consequently organization offers training for development of its employee performance to achieve required goals. This study highlights the importance and applications of learning theories and how these theories could prove to be of most effective in ...view middle of the document...

Social learning theory also recognizes that behavior that is reinforced or rewarded tends to be repeated. The models’ behavior or skill that is rewarded is adopted by the observer. According to social learning theory, learning new skills or behaviors comes from (1) directly experiencing the consequences of using that behavior or skill, or (2) the process of observing others and seeing the consequences of their behavior. I believe that sometimes employees learn by viewing others. Most conducts are also learned from viewing how others act, I believe it is just nature to learn from others. In my current job, most employees are not trained properly; most of the positions are positions to be learned by watching other employees doing that specific job. Although, you do get some training in place, but most of the learning is done by watching others perform that job. According to social learning theory, learning also is influenced by a person’s self- efficacy. Self-efficacy is a person’s judgment about whether he or she can successfully learn knowledge and skills. Self-efficacy is one determinant of readiness to learn. A trainee with high self-efficacy will put forth effort to learn in a training program and is most likely to persist in learning even if an environment is not conducive to learning (e.g., noisy training room). In contrast, a person with low self-efficacy will have self-doubts about mastering the content of training program and is more likely to withdraw psychologically and/or physically (daydream or fail to attend the program). These persons believe that they are unable to learn, and regardless of their effort level, they will be unable to learn (Noe, 2010). Merriam and Caffarella, (1991) have said that basically the idea of learning by observing produced by behaviorists but the later researcher Albert Bandura looked to interaction and cognitive processes, and noted that observation let people to see the consequences of other’s behaviors, resulting that people can gain some idea of what...

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