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Social Media Essay

1702 words - 7 pages

Jake Swinn
Professor Joe Alba
English 101
Kids Influenced By Social Media
Social media is a hot new concept that is trending throughout the planet daily. The social media can be seen in many places, proving that it can theoretically be seen anywhere a given person could be. In the world as we know it, the newer generations of children are becoming more accustomed to the social media. Children that become teenagers always like to either start trends or be part of where the “popularity” is. It is part of human nature for teenagers to want to be part of something that gets some form of spotlight.
A trend that is surely the hottest and most used for these young teenagers ...view middle of the document...

Most teenagers while on social media sites tend to not turn the site into a diary for others to see and not put up any personal posts or talk about offensive or ignorant topics. Not all teenagers though are as cautious and do tend to treat the sites as diaries, but there is nothing wrong with that either. There is a problem that could stem from these teens being so open on Facebook or Twitter and even online journals. Some of the children’s parents tend to read everything that is posted by their child. Thats fine in all, but some of these kids find it an invasion of privacy. Most kids are on the sites to communicate with friends and all in all just to have fun with each other while not having to be with each other personally.
In Boyd and Marwick’s article, they tell of 17 year old girl named Bly. Bly uses online journals to talk with her friends and vice versa. It seems fine until Bly states that her mother is invading her privacy. Bly states that her mom uses that excuse that “the internet is public”(381). This is the issue that teens face, the wall that divides what should and should not be put on the sites. Teenagers still should always be wary about what is posted as once something is online, it is hard to get out.
Now to discuss another effect the social media has on the teenagers, and it is more of a psychological effect which involves the teenagers own self esteem. It is common for some people that post a lot of pictures or statuses on Facebook or Twitter to actually be kind of low on self esteem. Sure people all have their own insecurities about themselves, but there seems to be a common trend that connects to teenagers having low self esteem.
The common trend appearing virtually on all social media sites is basically a self portrait or self picture of themselves, which is appropriately called a “selfie”. People that take selfies always tend to make poses and faces in most formats. In Christine Erickson’s article, “The Social Psychology of the Selfie”, Erickson informs her audience that these people that make poses and such “present a certain side of themselves”(366). So what Erickson is saying is that these kids making selfies get to show their pure personalities or give a image that tells the viewer just who it is in the picture, in a sense it is presenting oneself.
There is also a difference between a self image in real life and online. the difference is that for a selfie, a person can change our look. Selfies are usually taken many times but it is up to the person to deem what is the best selfie to actually post. Not only is the ability to change it important, it also can mask a person’s identity. Kids online have the ability to control what kind of pictures they want online and can also choose which one that the person wants others to see them as.
By looking into the psychological variation of why people take selfies, now to discuss what hurts these kids self esteem. A gigantic topic that hurts...

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