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Social Media Addiction Essay

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In this generation, the most meaningful and personal relationships now involve the use of a computer on social media sites. However, social media now is believed to be related to deeper issues in a person’s life. Studies show that almost 17 percent of children and teens have an internet addiction. For prevention, parents should monitor and openly discuss the internet usage in their home. “Children are experts in social media, with parents running to catch up”, exclaimed a specialist. Social Media has allowed people of all ages to connect from anywhere at any time, but now society has become consumed and preoccupied with the internet.
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” Social networking sites offer teens and kids a gateway to entertainment and communication. Adolescents who are more addicted to the internet than their peers, are likely depressed, hostile, or have ADHD (MacMillan 1). As a result, children with the above mentioned problems use the internet as therapy, for a pastime and distraction.
Similarly, research shows that teens need roughly 8 to 10 hours of sleep; however, heavy internet users show signs of less sleep, more computer time, and more overeating (Walker 1). At the age of 8 kids start to regularly use the internet. In 2008, a Chinese survey displayed that approximately 4 million kids spend 6 hours or more on the internet daily (MacMillan 1). As much as 21% of young teens are labeled as heavy media users spending as much as 16 hours on the internet (Gouw 1). Boys are more at risk than girls to have internet addiction (MacMillan 1). In adults, 72% spend more than 23 hours a week on average on social media including: texting, email, and other online communication (Morrison 1). In conclusion, The American Psychiatric Association has not classified “Internet/ Social Media Addiction” as a disorder, and psychologists have warned that addiction is serious and people comparing it with other issues should be careful (Laster, 2).

Adolescents that spend a majority of their time on the internet, result in low grades, depression, and loss of sleep (Webroot, Too Much Time Online). A large portion of the current generation’s social and emotional development is happening on the internet (Walker 1). Adam Singer has suggested that social media is being the main form of communication between younger generation (MacMillan 1). Overuse of social networks creates problems socially, beginning with communication deficiency (Taken 9). Zack Whittaker, a blogger, admitted, “We do spend far more time on Facebook and accessing the Web for leisure use and socializing, but that is part of the natural progression of tertiary, noncompulsory education socialization”. ”Some researchers believe social media help enhance “21st century skills” like communication, technological proficiency, and creativity (Fields 1). Joel Silverman stated, “The youth of our country, are particularly vulnerable to social media”.
Internet addiction could become a chronic childhood disease if not monitored (4). Supervising children’s online activity is the best way to monitor online usage and prevent social media addiction (Fields 1). To prevent behavior problems medical professionals should diagnose high-risk children early (MacMillan 3). Teens and their parents need to be better educated on the risk of being online and connecting with...

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