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Social Media And Society Essay

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Social Media and Society

Social media is different from traditional media in many aspects such as quality, reach, frequency, usability, immediacy and permanence. It enables two way communications to the user. It gives an equal opportunity to every community member for content creation. Therefore, it can be said that social media has converted a common man to the consumer as well as producer of the content. Social media includes internet, twitter, facebook, blogposts, youtube videos, quora, certain webpages and in some cases entire websites.

The purpose of social media is to promote and aid communication. However, such technology is doing much harm than good. Sarah Zay of U.S.A. TODAY ...view middle of the document...

Some months ago, the rally for marriage equality spread throughout social platform as Supreme Court heard cases regarding same sex marriages. The Supreme Court still has not reached a decision in the ongoing debate, but justices are aware of public opinion.

4. It is the best way to connected across vast - it enables one to connect with people of different countries and take a glimpse into their life without being physically present there.

5. It revolutionized the brand engagement- Social media has transformed marketing industry. Kelsey Report says social media ad revenue will reach $11billion by 2017. Brands have the ability to personally engage with customers like never before and it’s showing in sales.

6. With the growth of social media influencing consumer preferences and purchase decisions through online social networks is an increasingly important part of every marketer’s job. Companies such as Dell, e-Bay are adopting the traditional one-way message and using it as a stepping stone to begin a two–way dialogue with consumer via social media. Marketers know that theoretically social media should be a powerful way to generate sustainable, positive word of mouth marketing. If marketers can only select the right message and engage the right users to spread that message, their campaign should be a success. But until now that is a big ‘IF’.

The Facebook usage has seen explosive growth. Facebook users are primarily motivated by three desires-

1. To voyeuristically peep into other’s life.

2. To create a distinctive identity for themselves.

3. To act on their inner narcissistic tendencies.

Social network such as facebook was created with sole purpose of helping individuals to communicate along with other reasons. There are many situations that do not allow the use of telephones.

People of all age group are facebook addicted. This is an unproductive addiction which is wasting time and energy of people.

Twitter as social media- people who do not use twitter tend to write it off what can you say 140 characters. In fact, the richness that twitter packs into its tiny updates is amazing. It has caught on because it’s free, it’s open and it connects people and gives them power. Twitter has become a key part of reporting on and extending activity in everything from blogs to social network and given twitter users an outsized level of influence. It can be turned into a potent force for connecting with people for listening, talking, energizing, supporting and embracing. McDonald had used twitter to accomplish all of its social media goals. Social media for strategy focused organisation – social media are useful for more than just social connectivity and entertainment. Political revolutionaries are using social net work to topple regimes e.g. Tunisia, Egypt.

Not only this, angry customers can launch social media campaign against organizations e.g. the Dell Hell blog.

Internet- traditionally, consumers use...

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