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Social Media In Our Society Essay

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"What is Social Media?"
According to the dictionary, social media is any form of electronic communication in which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content. So basically, any type of communication that is transmitted by signals allowing people to give and receive information. This information can be anything from a newspaper article to a quick "I love you!" to a loved one. Social media is a faster way to get to everyone and everything, you can literally get to anything with the press of a few buttons.
There are a lot of types of social media although some are used more than others. The most common types of social media are social ...view middle of the document...

Out of the 7 categories, social networking websites are used the most. A social network is a website where people can communicate together with family, friends and people you generally just share interest with. While you can probably always talk to your parents or siblings, you may have a cousin or friend across town or even out of the country and that’s where social networks come in. Without social networks, you’d have to wait for that cousin or friend to visit to talk to them. Although you can always write a letter or talk on the phone, mail is honestly too slow and sometimes phone services aren’t that reliable. Social networking simply makes things easier and faster for everyone.
Facebook for example is “arguably the most popular social media utility, Facebook provides a way for users to build connections and share information with people and organizations they choose to interact with online”(White). Almost everyone talks about Facebook despite the fact that some people really don’t like it. However, it really doesn’t matter whether they’re giving it love or hate. As long as they’re talking about it, it’s becoming more popular, and becoming popular is pretty much the whole point.
"The Social Media Generation"
While social media is used by just about everyone, our current generation is frequently called the “social media generation”. While some people don’t like social media, people like my friends and I grew up with technology. As we got older and wiser, so did technology. Every year we continue to get older, and every year, there’s some new social media to be excited about. So you could see why we “rely” on it so much. In our minds, communication is always better than it was a year before and it’s certainly better than it was 5-10 years before we were born. I’m sure people who played the first ever video game didn’t want to go back to tic-tac-toe and board games all the time. So why would we, as a generation who’re use to texting and status updates, want to go back to waiting until school opens to contact our best friends?
Technology in Social Media
The advancement of technology is certainly helping social media advance. Almost everyone has a smart phone and without those, social media wouldn’t be as big as it is today. Most fans of social media would agree that "social media goes hand in hand with the accessibility of mobile devices, and the biggest the influence that mobile has, the more it’s going to change the way the social media field is played"(Wintson). One of the biggest influences of mobile devices on social media is live posting. There’s a thrill in posting about what you’re doing as you do it rather than waiting to get home or to the nearest computer to post about it (Wintson). So as cellphones, tablets and other devices that let you use social apps get better overtime, so will the popularity of applications. If there are more people using the app, there’s going to be at least one request to change the layout or...

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