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Assignment on Social Media Marketing
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18 November 2013
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Digital Marketing
Advantages and Disadvantages of Digital Marketing
Mobile Marketing – a type of digital marketing
Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Marketing
Digital Marketing vs. Mobile Marketing
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Digital Marketing
Digital marketing has really evolved over the last few years. Previously digital marketing refers to the traditional forms of marketing such as Radio and TV channels ads. But now the digital marketing goes beyond the traditional forms. Now digital marketing also refers to the marketing process that is conducted over Internet, E-mail, mobile phones, and other Wireless Medias. So a definition for digital marketing might be – digital marketing is the process of promoting products and services through electronic media such as Television, Radio, Internet, Digital Billboards, mobile phones, E-mail, Social Networks, etc.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Digital Marketing
Advantages –
Digital marketing is more cost effective than traditional marketing.
The results driven by digital marketing can easily measurable.
The response rate in much higher in digital marketing compared to traditional marketing due to accessible tools for digital marketing.
In digital marketing it is easier to change in design of the promotion quickly.
Digital marketing operates comparatively well in the social media networks.
It provides a perfect platform to build customer loyalty and strong online reputation.

Disadvantages –
Through digital marketing companies interact with customers indirectly. This is one of the primary disadvantages of digital marketing.
It is very hard to build loyalty through digital marketing.
Without the knowledge of the company and the product it takes time to update digital based promotion.
Mobile Marketing – a type of digital marketing
Mobile marketing is a kind of digital media marketing which involves communicating with the potential customers via mobile phones by sending a simple marketing message. It is now become a digital trend for the companies to use mobile phones for marketing their product or services instead of traditional marketing. Now-a-days a large number of people regardless of ages, profession and socio-economic background uses mobile devices such as cell phones, Smartphone, tablets, etc. which lets the marketers to use mobile phones as their marketing strategy.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Marketing
Advantages –
Mobile phones are more personal than other electronic device like laptop. So the marketers can directly contact with the customers.
The mobile phones are always carried by the customers and they also keep their mobile phone on. So whenever and wherever the customer is, marketers can contact with them.
It is very much simpler rather effective and cheaper to market product or service through mobile marketing.
For marketers, mobile marketing is very much convenient to create content simple and basic.
There is a very few who didn’t use mobile phone. So the marketers can create mass communication through mobile marketing easily.
Since the mobile marketing is not very much used by the companies, the future of mobile marketing is still having a lot of value.


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