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Social Media Marketing: Birth Of New Customer And Challenges Involved In It

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Birth of a new customer
The proliferation of information sources on the web has created a new breed of buyer: Customer 2.0. Customer 2.0 doesn't want to be sold to through traditional outbound sales and marketing channels, but rather expects to find the relevant information about the companies, products and people they are considering doing business with, through web-based research, as well as participation in customer-to-customer conversations. They want to be educated about their choices before making the decision to engage with any business.
Also the passive customer has become much more active. Earlier companies kept shooting products at the customer and with lack of choices they had ...view middle of the document...

This way Shanda has converted its customers into producers.

Handling negative comments:- This is usually the challenge that leads to a company spiraling out of control with their Social media marketing campaign. At some point, someone is going to say something about you or your company that you won’t like. It might be a comment on your blog or a random Tweet, but how you handle it will determine how successful you’ll be with your social media campaign. The thing is there isn’t really one set method of handling negative comments. If the comment isn’t just pure hate, one can take the time to respond thoughtfully, letting the person know one respects their opinion and asking them some well thought out questions. There’s nothing wrong with a polite conversation between two people who disagree. However, if the comment is just pure Internet hate, it’s probably best just to ignore it.
Measuring success:- Measuring return on investment is their primary challenge in the social media marketing space. Some people believe that, since they don’t generate any physical...

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