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Social Networks Essay

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Social Networking Sites
The Internet and technology are growing bigger and bigger every day and before we know it technology is going to pass us by. With the invention of the Internet and Social Networks, the possibilities are endless. Social networking sites provide us the opportunity to explore the whole world, make friends, and share moments with the rest of the world through the Internet. Everyday more and more people become part of the different social networking sites available now, like Facebook or Twitter. The use of social networking sites is changing our society and the way people do and see things. Certainly, social networking sites have had great impacts in people’s lives and ...view middle of the document...

Another big impact that social networking sites have had in our society is that they have taken away the importance of face to face interaction between people. Nowadays people don’t have to actually have a face to face conversation to know what is going on with their friends or family, because everything is posted online. People are constantly posting what they are doing, uploading photos, videos and many other things, allowing their friends or family to be constantly informed with what is going in their lives. But, it also takes away the need to have an actual face to face interaction with that person. It is so much easier and faster for people to communicate through the social network sites that some people use them as their only way of communication. Moreover, some people especially teenagers spend so much time connected to these sites that they don’t have time to play or interact with their friends outside the social network. This lack of face to face interaction is causing these people to lose their ability of being social in the real world. These people are not able to read emotions, and don’t know how to act or respond to different situations. This happens because people who constantly chat or send messages through social networking sites are only used to reading or defining emotions through the use of emoticons or slang phrases.
The use of social networking sites is becoming some people antisocial instead of more social. With the lack of face to face communication experience people are becoming afraid to interact with people outside the social networks. These people instead of using the social network sites as way of communication or interacting with friends, they are using them as a way to isolate themselves from the real world. “Technology is threatening to dominate our lives and make us less human. Under the illusion of allowing us to communicate better, it is actually isolating us...

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