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Social Policies Essay

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Social policies are the actions of governments, such as legal laws. They have a direct impact on citizens, for e.g. may provide them with services or income. Social policies are created after Sociology research identifies social problems of society, for e.g. policies put in place to help vulnerable children (adopted/abused), as they are highly likely to end up in gangs, as drug addicts or prostitutes. These policies tackle social problems e.g. increasing payment for foster/ adoptive careers to reduce vulnerable children getting involved with crime.

There are several factors which influence whether something will became a social policy. The type of political party in power effects social ...view middle of the document...

How powerful the research group proposing social policy is also has a major effect, for e.g. business run research are more likely to be read and implanted, as they fund the political parties in charge so that whenever a law is not suitable for them can be changed.

New Right such as the current Conservative political party in charge think that the state should have minimal involvement in people’s lives, and that they should take responsibility for own lives. Therefore the education and health system should be privatized, and welfare benefits should be reduced, to reduce taxes. New Right think that social policies should only have social policies to support certain groups such as married couples, as they prefer the traditional Nuclear family structure for the children to be socialised into wider society properly. The New Right also want to help business to expand capitalism. That’s why the Conservative party are cutting public spending instead of increasing taxes, so that big British business will benefit as their corporation tax won’t increase.

Surprisingly the total opposite of New Right, the Marxists also oppose social policies. Marxism states that in capitalist countries social policies are only put in place to directly and indirectly support the ruling class, and stop people from seeing society as unequal and exploited, for e.g. people who undertake apprenticeships are paid lower than the minimum wage, therefore when they start a proper job and are paid minimum wage they wont complain as the difference will seem very big to them. However this benefits business as they don’t have to reduce their profits to pay a lot for workers wage. Therefore Marxists prefer for society to have no social policies as this stops revolutionary feeling among the working class, as the welfare state makes society look fair and caring.

Radical and Marxist feminists also hold this belief, they state that social policies only tinker with society. They want society to be restructured so that everyone from labour workers to business owners benefits equally. Liberal feminists on the other hand believe that sociology research and social policies have led to graduate change for women, such as laws to stop managers from paying men doing the same job, more. They think that women will...

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