Social Policy Class Assignment: Write An Opinion Paper On The Documentary Shelter (About Homelessness In The Us)

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The film Shelter included a variety of interviews with homeless individuals. There was, for example, Eddie, a schizophrenic who watched his mother being killed. He is unable to manage life. Eddie is one of many mentally ill homeless on the nations streets.Homelessness is a national social problem that is especially visible in larger cities, such as New York or Washington, DC. The problem of homelessness should be adequately acknowledged and treated. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of the number of homeless people and often are ignorant or misinformed about the problem. Society generally believes that homeless people are either mentally ill or lazy. However, there are many reasons why ...view middle of the document...

A large part of the homeless population that has chosen to become homeless is war veterans, especially veterans of the Vietnam War. Having fought in and seen the horrors and tragedies of war, these veterans simply cannot copy with the "normal" way of live. To them, being homeless is a conscious choice they made and they are content and do not wish to receive help. Other homeless people lived normal lives but were forced into homelessness due to loss of income (job loss or illness) or being underpaid. Some women are faced with homelessness after they leave an abusive relationship; many of these women have children. In many of these cases, homelessness is caused by society's failure to provide adequate and affordable housing, and fair wages. Large parts of the homeless population are also children; some of them run-aways others were kicked out of their parents house, while others may be orphans. These children have no plays to go and no one to turn to.I believe that the Federal Government as well as State governments and localities have a responsibility to provide shelter and food to the homeless. It is easy to put the responsibility of helping to local non-profit agencies and volunteers; however, there are no guarantees that these agencies will have the finding they need and the manpower needed to care for the homeless, unless the Federal and State governments provide the necessary funding.The Veterans Administration should also be held responsible to provide shelters for war veterans. The Vietnam War has long since past; however, the current war in Iraq may lead to an increase in homeless...

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