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Social Policy Decision Essay

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Social Policy Decisions Paper

MADD stands for Mothers Against Drunk Driving and this agency has made a significant impact on today’s society. Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD has made changes to the laws concerning drunk driving around the world. MADD has even made an impact on the drinking laws, making it stricter; this includes punishment for breaking the laws and making fines even tougher. MADD is one of the biggest and largest agencies in America, which provides assistance to families that have lost, love ones due to drunk driving.

Why MADD was Created
MADD was created by founder Candy Lightner in 1980, when her 13-year old daughter was hit and killed by a drunk driver. The drunk ...view middle of the document...

Rebecca created the first MADD Mothers Against Drunk Driving, in the state of Florida. Rebecca was instrumental in the passing of the legislation that raised the minimum legal drinking age limit. The legal age limit to drunk is 21 now, because of the efforts that Rebecca Brown put into effects. Due to the actions of Rebecca, the U.S. Congress passed the same legislation to other states, to make the legal age limit to drinking is 21 years old (

The Problem that Lead to the Creation of MADD
MADD identifies that drunk driving is a social problem, because of the underage drinking deaths that were occurring every year. According to MADD, “based on objective data concerning alcohol-related traffic deaths trends, legislation passed in each state to reduce the problem, law enforcement efforts, the quality of traffic statistics, and attention to victims issues” ( The report cards startle MADD’s efforts and increased political pressure on law makers around the world to implement policies and programs to reduce drunken driving ( Rebecca Brown was very instrumental in the contributing to the efforts of this cause. When the issues of underage drinking and driving were made evident to legislature, the laws were changed.
How the problem was identified as a social problem and MADD influence.
MADD set out with a goal of stopping people from drinking and driving. This agency is the result of new changes of the legal drinking age and zero tolerance laws that is now present in all 50 states and in DC. The minimum drinking age changed to 21, and it has been credited to reducing well over 28,000 traffic deaths since 1975 ( Increased pressure in the legal system against drunk driving with more severe penalties has also been a part of the positive effects of the policies created by MADD.

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