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Social problems, commonly dubbed as social issues; affects each and every type of community; whether rich or poor, great or small, virtually every contrasting idea or situation. This element in concern refers to “a kind of belief that a certain social situation/ condition negatively affect the society” (Mooney, Knox & Schacht, 2208, p. 2). Social problems refer to issues that negatively affect a certain group of people living in a certain society. Some of the problems are predominant in a majority of society, while others differ from one society to the other. The common social problems include: Poverty, gender discrimination and social tension. Other issues emerge ...view middle of the document...

This limitation has always been looked upon by not only the government but also non governmental organization.
Prostitution has always been regarded as a symbol of sin and it is with this perception that anyone who indulges themselves in prostitution is regarded as a kind of “stabilizer or morality in the society” (Johan, 2004, p. 1). Johan argues that prostitution in various societies is well thought-out as an immoral activity with the argument being that it is immoral for one to sell their own bodies. With the modern civilization that the world has gone through, many may have come to integrating prostitution into significance by giving it an important bearing in society with some societies going to an extent of legalizing the act. The results of prostitution have therefore being identified as an “issue requiring global solutions in relation to its legislation and regulation” but it remains as one of the drawback that various governments and societies have to struggle with (Jeffreys, 2004, p. 70).
The rise in cost of living which has been caused by skyrocketing of commodities prices has contributed to the non stop of poverty. Levels of poverty may differ depending on the type of community in question. In some society poverty is so intense that certain people cannot afford the basic needs; food, shelter and clothing. The rise in costs of living is sinking more people in this unwanted situation and as a result, some people have no choice but to live in deplorable condition such as slums. On the other hand, those who live slightly below average are becoming susceptible of living on the poverty side due to the escalation of the cost of living. This makes them to live in fears. The most annoying fact about poverty is that the poor are likely to suffer from health issues, famine and crime. The issue of poverty is very serious and governments must try to address this situation if the nation is to be successful.
Nature remains to be an important aspect in the life of a human. Nature needs to be preserved in order to ensure survival to all. During the industrial evolution, various governments have done several practices that have undermined nature. There have been adverse environmental pollution when constructing industries and also when...

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