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Social Promotion Essay

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Stranger with my face by Lois Duncan explores the experiences of Laurie Stratton, a sixteen-year old girl who lives on an island. When Laurie realizes that she is the only adopted child in her family, she had a more surreal feeling of exclusion. Not only does she discover that she was adopted, she discovered that she had a twin sister, Lia, with whom she starts to spend and increasing amount of time with. As she begins to focus all of her energy on Lia, she begins to ostracize her friends and family, as well as isolate herself. “Everything within me was channeled toward Lia”, the narrator explains on page 102. By the time she realizes this, she has already alienated all of her friends and ...view middle of the document...

The setting of winter also supports the theme of isolation. When the winter comes the village on the island closes itself off to outsiders excluding others from their society. “The gray moves in with it the cold”, the narrator explains on page 6. You can see at this time that the physical isolation of the island causes an emotional change in the inhabitants of the island. All of the islanders at this time focus intensely on personal pursuits. This contributes to their overall isolation. When outsiders enter the island, the locals snub them, which is why many new people do not visit. This can be related to the way that Laurie snubs her friends and causes them to avoid her. The setting of the sea also represents isolation. Laurie begins to go a place in which she is completely isolated, the sea. Its sky blue color represents peace and solace. “I stand at the window and stare out at the sun-dappled waves of the summer sea, and I brace myself as though against an icy wind.” Laurie says on page 7.

Another component that furthers the theme is the characterization. Laurie’s father and mother are very isolated people. “My parents moved here with me when I was four. My father is a science fiction writer, and my mother is an artist, so this out-of-the-mainstream existence suits them well”, the narrator explains on page 5. The career choice of Laurie‘s father reveals a lot about him. Writers are able to work anywhere in the world, but they usually work alone. Her father has a private non-social personality, and this might be largely related to his career. He also does not want any other writers trying to steal his ideas. He is extremely paranoid about his work. This could also be a reason for his private nature, and may explain why he distances people from his life. His paranoia is shown as a reason for his choice of where to live. In addition, he says that he needs to focus on what his writing. He does not want anything disrupting his train of thought. Another reason why her dad is isolated is that he has a different sleeping pattern. He wakes up during the late afternoon and goes to sleep at around 7 a.m. He is almost nocturnal. This also causes many of his problems with detachment. Laurie’s mother is also a very isolated person. She is an artist. She works alone as well. This is not because of a fear of someone replicating her work, but because she needs silence in order to work. One small sound could make there hand twitch and then the whole painting is ruined. Therefore, she soundproofed her studio. No sound disturbs her when she is working. This helps her stay remote from the world. This emphasizes the fact that she tries to stay away and keep isolated from the rest of the family. Both of her parents did not want a large family. “‘If we had expected them, we would have made better arrangements’”, Laurie’s mother says with humor explains on page 6. This shows haw her parents reclusive nature effects the children. Her mother did not even...

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