Social Role Of Women In The Paleolithic Age

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The social role of women varied from the Paleolithic, Neolithic, and River Valley Civilizations of Egypt.In the Paleolithic age, women were held in high regard as an integral part of family relationship. They were gatherers and worked outside to collect the fruits and berries their family needed for survival.They brought these foods to women in their roles of gathering, preserving, and storing food stuffs would undoubtedly have invented weaving and pottery making. Since it is thought that most prehistoric women did not live beyond their twenties, there would not have been older women to take care of the small children when women were gathering food items the family similar to the men bringing home the meat that they attained while hunting. Men and women in the Paleolithic era were nomadic hunters and gatherers. Since they had to follow their food source, the women ...view middle of the document...

As a caretaker of the family unit, they were viewed much like the housewife would be today. Women were enjoying equalitywith men, which was undoubtedly due to women's economic contributions.People were mainly hunter-gatherers, and women generally do the gathering in such societies. They would have spent much of their time searching for edibles like nuts, berries, and roots. It is often women who do the growing of crops, and this may have been the case in early agricultural societies in the Neolithic era. Women would also be responsible for grinding corn, a traditional female activity in societies that still live in this way. It is often women who do the growing of crops, and this may have been the case in early agricultural societies in the Neolithic era. Women would also be responsible for grinding corn, a traditional female activity in societies that still live in this way.In the Egypt River Valley Civilizations, pictures and drawings proved women worked indoors while the men worked outside as shown by their differences in skin color. The skin color of the men was much darker than that of the women due to the hours in the sunlight. Women clearly remained inside as shown in pictures with lighter skin color.Women had more rights than in most early civilizations. There were certain jobs, however, that women were not allowed to do. The vast majority of people in Egypt worked in agriculture. The Nile allowed Egyptians to trade with other civilizations and was in turn influenced by them. The family was the most important social institution. Men had most all of the authority. As villages became more productive, social classes became more distinct.Although there were more men working in Ancient Egyptian temples, than women, the role of High Priestess of Hemet netjer (wife of the god) did exist. The women were mostly from the upper class of society, married to priests to whom they owed their position within society.The social role of women varied from the Paleolithic age, the Neolithic age, and the Egypt River Valley Civilization as stated above.

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