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Social Science Essay

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Stratford University

Man should communicate and compromise to minimize life changes after marriage
Avishkumar Patel

EBM 502, Research Methods
Professor Dr. Jimi Peters
December, 4 2011.

Man should communicate and compromise to minimize life changes after marriage

After the completion of school, people usually think the real enjoyment of life starts. However, it only last until one gets marry. Most of us treat marriage as an important life goal, and the vast majority of us will marry at least once in our lifetime. Most men get married in their mid-thirties, hoping that their marriage will be the happy one. But this hope might be wrong. The intention of ...view middle of the document...

Once a man gets married, he will be tied up into a bond with his wife, so whatever he does after marriage, he has to think of his family, therefore, a man’s life gets changed from the life as unmarried.
First of all, after marriage, the roles and responsibilities of man are changed or increased. Before marriage, a man only has to perform the role of a good son, but after marriage, a man has to perform another role as a good husband to keep his wife happy and the role increases after baby was born, as a good father to keep his kids healthy and happy. Adding to his responsibilities, earning becomes the first priority for the man to feed his family. If anything happens to the family, then society will obviously blame to the head of the family, which is the husband, so it’s his duty to take care of his family. It becomes a husband duty to fulfill his wife’s expectations, whether it is about love, sex, or is materialistic. “Husbands are the ‘head of the wife’ and as the ruler of the marriage, he must bear chief responsibility for the failure of it. Where husbands have failed, more often than not, is to love their wives and to give themselves for their wives” (Hall). “A husband had a duty to supply his wife with necessaries that are suitable to his rank and fortune” (Foyster, 73). As it’s mentioned by E.R.Hall and Elizabeth A. Foyster, husband’s responsibility is not only to love and to provide all necessities to his wife, but he is also bound his wife, so if wife amend husband, then husband may have to change. Because of these new roles and responsibilities, a man’s life may change utterly after marriage to satisfy his family.
Other then roles and responsibilities, there are many other things to worry about, once a man gets married. This includes;
* To start family planning: If a man doesn’t execute family planning and his wife gives birth to more babies than he can afford, he might be unable to feed and educate his kids as he should.
* Quarreling may start: If a man’s thoughts don’t match with his wife and both have completely different opinions for numerous matters, example: husband wants and wife doesn’t want parents to live with them, then quarreling may start between them and it may result in divorce.
* Privacy loss: If a man is staying alone, he has complete privacy. But after he gets married, he has to stay in his house with his wife, and his privacy may decrease.
* Friend’s priority decrease: After marriage, a person’s best friend come the second priority from first priority level even if he doesn’t want. If husband stay more with friends and enjoy with them, then the wife obviously will not like it and she will force husband to avoid friends.
* Skepticism may start: If a husband or wife chats more often with any other woman or man respectively than naturally, skepticism may start in the mind of opponent of having amour with anybody else. This may leads to jealousy. After marriage, if partners don’t have...

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