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Social Security Income Essay

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When you think of the term SSI, the first thing that comes to mind is Social Security Income, the federal government program that provides benefits to workers and their dependents with retirement income, disability income, and other payments. In addition there is also another type of SSI, called Supplemental Security Income a federally funded program intended to help old aged, blind, and disable person with little to no income and provides monetary benefits to meet their basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter.
Good Afternoon class, today I will be talking to you about the origin of the term SSI and how it works in our society. I know most of us are only in our 20’s and nowhere ...view middle of the document...

This is a form of ‘economic security’ a program or institution created on the sole purpose of protecting workers when faced with a time of need and may need assistance
In America the first economic security program was introduced after the start of the Civil war, with the first legislation in 1862 providing benefits linked to disabilities "incurred as a direct consequence of . . . military duty." Widows and orphans could receive pensions equal in amount to that which would have been payable to their deceased solider if he had been disabled. In 1890 the link with service-connected disability was broken, and any disabled Civil War veteran qualified for benefits and in 1906, old-age was made a sufficient qualification for benefits. By 1910, over 90% of the remaining Civil War veterans were receiving benefits under this program, although they constituted barely .6% of the total U.S. population of that era.
Despite the fact that America had a "social security" program in the form of Civil War pensions since 1862, this precedent did not extend itself to the general society.
Before the 1930’s following the stock market crash and the outbreak of the Great Depressions there has been no form of old-age pension, as a result poverty levels increased and unemployment rates rose dramatically to a high of 23.6% by 1932
When the creation of state pensions took in effect, many of the states programs were ineffective because counties were allowed the option to participate or not in the pension program. As a result, of the six states with operating pension laws only 53 of the 264 counties eligible actually did so. Only about 3% of the elderly were actually receiving benefits under these states plans, and the average benefit amount was about 65 cents a day. States began enacting laws without county options and by 1932 seventeen states had old age pension laws, although none were in the south, 87% of the money available under these laws were distributed in California, Massachusetts and New York.
The person generally recognized as introducing the phrase “social security” to America is Abraham Epstein, a national leader in the social welfare movement. Epstein served as research director of the Pennsylvania Commission of Old Age Pensions and influenced the state to adopt an old-age assistance law in 1923; but was later declared unconstitutional by the state Supreme Court. In order to boost public support for State old-age assistance programs in 1927 he founded the American Association for Old Age Security. Epstein was a major influence to social security, his name and theories appear in almost every book written on Social Security and the New Deal.
Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected president of the United States in 1933 and during ‘the First Hundred Days,’ he and his committee executed a number of laws and programs with the primary aim of recovery for America. “Economic security” was the term used by President Roosevelt in June 1934 when...

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