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Social Studies Rebellion Essay

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Open protest, conflicting interests, lives changed forever. This is a rebellion. You’re willing to fight the authorities to be heard. Armed rebellion is only justifiable if nothing else works. The Rebellions of Upper and Lower Canada, Red River Rebellion, and Northwest Rebellion are all part of Canadian history. They show us that people can go against the government which usually results in a large loss of life, but more importantly change.

The Rebellion of Upper and Lower Canada mainly occurred because of land issues, government inequality, and irresponsibility to the people. Power was held by a small group of noble elites, they can veto any law that hurts their status. Mainly controlled ...view middle of the document...

Before taking up arms, Louis Riel formed the National Metis Committee and confronted the surveyors, and told the new governor to go back to Ottawa. To ensure that the people of Red River would retain their rights and traditions, they seized Fort Garry and set up a provisional government. Riel was determined to protect the rights of everyone in the settlement. When the Canadian Party was armed and prepared to attack, he imprisoned them by force. The belligerent Thomas Scott was executed by a majority vote. Then Riel decided to negotiate with the Canadian government, which at first refused to recognize him. Undaunted, the provisional government drafted a proposal for the creation of the province of Manitoba. Unfortunately, the leader of the Canadian Party escaped and reached Ottawa first, spreading prejudicial news of the execution and creating outrage. The delegates from Red River had a hard time getting recognition from Macdonald's government, but eventually their case was heard and agreed upon. The Manitoba Act was created granting land rights, as well as making two official languages and education systems. Overall, the Red River Rebellion was a success, but they could've used more peaceful means when dealing with the Canadian Party, especially since they didn't act beforehand. The Red River Rebellion did not end all of the Metis problems though.

Changes were sweeping across the Northwest. Newcomers arrived, mainly Europeans and Canadians looking for more farmland. Unfortunately, the Metis were denied of their land and self-governing rights. They were forced to flee westward and struggled to survive. Continually pressing for title to their...

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