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Social Trends Prevailing In Pakistan Regarding Women Right

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Social trends prevailing in Pakistan regarding women rights:
At the time when the rest of the religion considered women in society with no rights, slaves and daughters were buried alive. They were guided by the Holy Quran and Hadiths. Islam acknowledges women rights and justice to women. A woman in Islam has high status.1400 years ago women had all the basic rights given by Islam.Our country Pakistan is developing country where countless issues of corruption and injustice are in every field of life. The literacy rate is only 2 to 3 percent. Pakistani women have suffered quietly for many years in the name of custom and tradition. In the rural and backward areas of Pakistan they do not carry equal status at birth as baby boys are always wished and welcomed, but on birth of girl mostly they don’t feel happy. But it is not in Islam to welcome baby boy and feel bad on birth of girl. Mostly in Pakistan women are thought week and less beneficial ...view middle of the document...

In Pakistan some treatments are done with women in the backward areas like sexual harassment involves unwanted sexual attention that may be staring, passing remarks, following a woman in public places, touching. This offence which is punishable under law. Forced marriage is also main issue in Pakistan, where in Islam marriage is allowed for women of her own wish. in our society divorcee and widows have no respect in society unless they are rich or belonging to powerful family background. Women are mostly discriminated on the base of gender in almost all fields of life. Women are not supported by society if they raise their voice for justice and care. In some part of sindh the practice of marrying a woman to Quran is prevalent among landlords although it has no religious basis. These days, no woman can move freely or venture out alone. Girls studying in colleges are dropped and picked up either by their fathers or brothers 
20. Laws about women safety and integrity usually favor men in courts due to unnecessary pressure and bribery.

Mostly the literate areas of Pakistani women of today enjoy a better status than the Muslim women in previous years. Due to heightened awareness among people the educational opportunities for Pakistani women is increased from last few years There are many historical records that how women participated in the early public life, during the battles the accompanying the Muslim armies to nurse the wounded, giving them water, food etc. Pakistani culture is very discriminatory toward women. There is a lot of violence committed against girls and women. The person is likely to quote the Islamic injunctions which underscore the protection of women and Islam is the first religion which advocated the doctrines of women basic rights. Women are not internationally made victims of violence because they are women rather they targeted because they are weaker or have secondary status in society. Mostly Heavy jewelry and rich clothing have become symbols of dignity and respect for women. In Pakistan there is no laws banning or enforcing the hijab. Most women wearing the hijab do so of their own choice. Most of the women wear shalwar kameez which cover their arms, legs and body, women cannot be forced to marry anyone without their consent.

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