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Social Work Dissertation Proposal Plan Essay

1353 words - 6 pages

Proposal Plan (2,000 words)

Introduction (250 words)-
* Broad outline of research area: Sexual exploitation
* Reason for selecting this area of research- own views and reasons/ relevance in today’s society
* Then introduce the research question and be more specific
* Outline what the project aims to do and how
* What I hope to achieve: broaden the literature in this area and to assist social workers and social work practice. Also to limit the ‘taboo’ reaction around something so important and sadly something so prominent in society.

Literature Review (350 words)-
* Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the research (including relevant legislation and ...view middle of the document...

* My research demonstrated a high level of quantitative/qualitative?
* Inclusions and exclusion: I reject things about pornography, gang culture, homelessness etc. as these are areas I will not be focusing on. I may include other literature reviews to see if research has already been done in this area (look for background knowledge). Further to this I will demonstrate that my question is a plausible project and there is research there is support and understand the topic further.

Methodology continued (250)-
* Rational and constrains of selecting a library based literature review: time constrains and ethical considerations of conducting secondary research: research area is too sensitive to conduct primary research and I am unable to conduct research with proposed age group within my social work placement.

Methodology: ethical considerations (250 words)-
* Potential bias (personal interest/ experience, trying to find literature that already supports what I think
* Being aware of ethical considerations and interpretating findings accurately, reporting with integrity.
* Informed consent, direct harm to participants? When looking at primary research I will look for informed consent and direct harm to participants to show awareness. I will also consider the age of participants in accountability and reliability of findings. For example, asking older participants to recall events that occurred over 20 years ago could prove challenging and even more so when the experience was traumatic. On the other hand, a young participant may embellish events or not fully understand the complexity of what they are saying.
* Research contributing to values of social work practice- anti- discriminatory and anti-oppressive practice.

Conclusion/ implications for research (250 words)-
* Critically evaluate my understanding of my learning style and explore how this could impact on this research.


• Transparency: the process of knowledge generation should be open to outside scrutiny. For knowledge to meet this standard, it should make plain how it was generated, clarifying aims, objectives and all the steps of the subsequent argument, so giving readers access to a common understanding of the underlying reasoning.

• Accuracy: all knowledge claims should be supported by and faithful to the events, experiences, informants and sources used in their production. For knowledge to meet this standard, it should demonstrate that all assertions, conclusions and recommendations are based upon relevant and appropriate information.

• Purposivity: the approaches and methods used to gain knowledge should be appropriate to the task in hand, or 'fit for purpose'. For knowledge to meet this standard, it should demonstrate that the inquiry has followed the apposite approach to meet the stated objectives of the exercise.

• Utility: knowledge should be appropriate to the decision setting in which it is intended to be...

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