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Social Written Essay

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Social Written Assignment
In source one, the statement that the speaker has made is explaining that if individuals immigrate to Canada then they should take on the responsibility of accepting the Canadian customs and traditions. The speaker describes that Canada is a multicultural country and we accept immigrants but accommodation shouldn’t be an aspect that is always acknowledged. The individuals that make the decision to come to Canada should come because they want to become Canadian, not to enforce their customs in our country, according to the speaker. If Canada continues to alter the standards for immigrant’s religious and ethnic views, it could potentially affect Canada’s identity and population. Canada has become a role model for other countries to look up to and has created a positive image because of our standards. Canada doesn’t have a defined identity, we have a wide variety of individuals and we are considered very multicultural but ...view middle of the document...

Immigrants that come to Canada should be prepared to accept the traditions that we have built, and Canada will be ready to accept many of their freedoms as long as it doesn’t disrespect Canadian customs and standards. The speaker explains that there must be a balance between the leadership of the nation and for the immigrated citizens that want their freedoms to be accepted. Some believe the reason Canada is such a strong country with established standards is because of the balance between multiculture and monoculture individuals. Canada depends on immigrants because

In source three, the woman is wearing the Canadian flag as a hijab. This photo represents the woman embracing a Canadian symbol and transforming it into her own customs. When an immigrant comes to Canada they have to be ready to embrace the Canadian culture, in order for Canada to allow them the freedom of expressing their cultures in our nation. Canada is a multicultural country and many nationalities are what form our identities. We respect immigrants and understand that coming to Canada is a huge change in environment and we need to accommodate their needs to the best of our ability by making them feel welcome and accepted in our country. Allowing individuals from different nationalities practice their customs in our country will not only help them adapt into our community with other individuals but it will also create a positive image upon Canada as a country that accepts immigrants needs.

In conclusion, in source one, the speaker is stating that the immigrants should be preparing themselves to adapting to Canadian cultures in order to become a citizen here. In source two, the quote is explaining that immigrants should have the right to freedom of culture in our country as long as there is a limit and it respects Canada’s standards. In source three, the photo of the woman is representing immigrants as individuals willing to adapt to our countries customs and beliefs but still recognize her own traditions. These sources all have one thing in common; they share the same interest of Canada becoming a better country based on multiculturalism and monoculturalism.

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