Socialization And Criminal Behavior Essay

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This report is on two brothers and a cousin that were involved in the same crime. The media has label this crime the "Allentown Massacres". Brothers Bryan and David Freeman along with their cousin Nelson Birdwell committed homicide on Dennis, Brenda, and Erik Freeman, Bryan and David's parents and younger brother on February 27, 1995.
Growing up the brothers were raised by parents that were very religious. This family was involved in their church and were proclaimed Jehovah’s Witnesses. This religion prohibited celebrations of birthdays, national holidays, voting, and participation in the military. As Bryan aged 17 at the time of the crime, had a growing interest in joining the military and ...view middle of the document...

During a psychiatric evaluation David was found to be above average intelligence but at risk for a diagnosis of antisocial personality disorder (Ramsland, Dashner, 2012). Bryan was reported to be smarter and more polite than David and had made the school honor roll. Everyone was aware of the brothers "run-ins" with authority.
Bryan, David, and Nelson (Benny) each had an impact on the other when it came to influential decision especially pertaining to the Freeman’s but not only that the trio also seemed to have made an impact on another teenager Jeff Howorth 16, that just lived 10 miles from the Freeman’s. Howorth seen what the brothers had done and was impressed and their actions had such an inspiration on the impressionable 16 year old that a couple days later he also killed both parents with no remorse.
Mrs. Freeman had tried frequently to get help for her sons; contacting counselors at the school and around the community. This did nothing but make the brothers resent her more. Mr. Freeman had even resigned his position in the church to devote time to help his sons.
The link between social forces and this crime can be contributed to Bryan and David being brothers and Nelson being the cousin paired with getting involved with the White supremacist movement that reaffirmed their hatred and violent acts and through this primary associates their crimes were reinforced by the reward...

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