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Society And Genders Essay

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ty and Gender

Social Movements and Gender

Kamron Hymon

January 19, 2015

When it comes to today's society, women have fought very hard in order to be recognized. Back in the 1900s it was very hard for women to be who they wanted to be without being told how to act or what they had to do and also being told no with many things. The men seen us as home workers as well as baby makers. Women were not allowed to voice their opinions, and they also were not allowed to vote. It felt like they were in prison. Women started to gain their own sense of independence and being when the social movements captivated them. The three social ...view middle of the document...

But, there are also other factors that are involved. The women seem to be the leaders in all of these effects. All of the countries make a great deal out of how educated their populations are, and also the amount of differences between both men's and women's level of education.
Marriage and Reproduction
There are many people in the world that marry, and women usually have at least one child. Marriage and reproduction usually have a primary importance in the women's lives in most of the societies. In the 1990s, 25 was the average age of a woman to marry and 26 for a man to marry. This reflects the growing tendency for the women to become more educated and also enter the career of their choice. Many people in some Asian and African countries the age of marriage is 20. In Japan and some parts of the Carribeans the age of marriage is 29. For most of the world the massive and demographic social problem that relates to marriage is a large percent of the women who marry very young. When it comes to the poorer countries, there are other factors that affect the age of which women begin having a family. Mideast Islamic, South Africa, and also Africa have the highest rate of teenagers being married. But, men do not always marry this young they wait until they are older. There are some countries where the husband has power over their wives and this mainly happens in the Islamic countries. The Unites States is a country where they find it wrong for abuse against your significant other as well as a husband raping his wife.
Work and Economic Life
There are many women that do the vast majority of household labor in the United States. Many women who use gas stoves or electric stoves can not imagine what it is like for other women across the world and how they have to cook. In...

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