Socio Economic Factors And Student Academic Performance

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1.1 Background of the Study
The responsibility of training a child always lies in the hand of the parents. This is congruent with the common assertion sociologist that education can be an instrument of cultural change which is being taught from home is relevant in this discuss. It is not out of place to imagine that parental socio–economic background can have possible effects on the academic achievement of children in school. Whatsoever affect the development environment of children would possibly affect their education or disposition to it. Parental status is one of such variables. When a woman's nutritional status improves, so too does the nutrition of her ...view middle of the document...

In this case, the educational attainment of parents serve as an indicator of attitudes and values which parents use to create a home environment that can affect children’s learning and achievement.

A number of studies indicated that student achievement is correlated highly with the educational attainment of parents (Coleman, 1966). For instance, students whose parents had less than high school education obtained lower grades in mathematics than those whose parents had higher levels of education (Campbell, Hombo, & Mazzeo, 2000). Research has shown that parents’ educational level not only impact student attitudes toward learning but also impact their math achievement scores.

In line with the above assertion, Hill et al (2004) had also argued that socio–economic status of parents do not only affect the academic performance, but also makes it possible for children from low background to compete well their counterparts from high socio – economic background under the same academic environment. Moreover, Smith, Fagan and Ulvund (2002) had asserted that significant predicator of intellectual performance at age of 8 years included parental socio economic status (SES).
The health status of the children which could also be traceable to parental socio – economic background can be another factor that can affect the academic performance of the students. Adewale (2002) had reported that in a rural community where nutritional status is relatively low and health problems are prevalent, children academic performance is greatly hindered. This assertion is again hinged on nature of parental socio–economic background. Moreover, Eze, (2002) had opined that when a child get proper nutrition, health care, stimulation during pre–school years, the ability to interact with take optimal advantage of the full compliment of resources offered by any formal learning environment is enhanced.
The foregoing discussion had established that socio – economic status and host of other factors relating to home environment of students, such as educational background of parents, health status of students, parental occupation and family size could have effects on children academic achievement. It is against this background that this work is being undertaken to empirically investigate the possible effect of these factors on students' academic achievement in selected schools in the Lagos state. This study is aimed at investigating the possibility of parental socio–economic background playing a significant role on students' academic performance taking some selected secondary schools in Mainland Local Government Area of Lagos State as a case study.

1.2 Statement of Problem
Low academic performance of students in Economics in senior Secondary Schools within in Mainland Local Government Area of Lagos State and the West African Examination Council (WAEC) result and also internal examination despite the huge investment being expended on education in the state. The level of...

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