Sociological Analysis Of The Film Riding In Cars With Boys

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Sociological Analysis of The Film Riding in Cars with Boys

Beverly, the main character of “Riding in Cars With Boys” fell into the categories of heterosexual, female. Beverly’s family of orientation consisted of her mother and father. The movie begins with Beverly participating in a craze with the most popular guy in school, who is a member of a voluntary, closed group of jocks. Beverly decides to use her innate ability for writing to express her non-material culture in the form of a love poem. She gives the jock this piece of material culture, and asks him to read it in private. The charismatic jock takes the poem, laughs in her face, and cruelly reads the poem aloud to his cohorts. ...view middle of the document...

In the show of organic solidarity she announces to the primary and secondary groups of people that she is pregnant also.
With the help of Beverly’s father, Ray and Beverly got a house together and started their own nuclear family. When they moved in, the public stared in awe. When their son, Jason, was born Beverly displays neuroses because Faye and her had an agreement that both of them would have their girls together. When gender of infant turns out to be male she panicked and didn’t even want to se him, but later on she learned how to love him.
Ray started hanging out with drug dealers and other members of that sub culture. This led him to criminal behavior such as doing drugs and drinking, so when Beverly needed help around the house or with Jason, he was not there for her most of the time. He would show up drunk and tell her that he forgot all about what he had to do. When Beverly was a senior in high school she had a meeting with her counselor in which he reactively researched her about a scholarship that would help to continue her schooling. She wanted the achieved status of a writer and for this she needed further education. Ray was supposed to take care of Jason while she was doing that, but Ray never showed up, so she had to take Jason along. Because of Jason’s presence, she did not get a scholarship. The counselor instantly labeled her, and placed her into an involuntary group of young mothers. He believed that she could not fully focus on her schoolwork with a child to take care of. She blamed Jason for it for the longest time. When she got home after the meeting, she found Ray getting drunk with his deviant cohorts. She flipped out on him causing a scene, which was watched by a big audience of neighbors. Shortly after this incident, she found out that Ray had an addiction to heroin. She could not let Ray be around her son anymore. As a mother she was scared that Ray might be a bad influence on Jason. She tried to keep her family of procreation together, but when Ray went back to doing drugs she realized that it is impossible to do, and it’s time to let go. As a result of multiple causation, she told him that he had to leave. This created a dysfunction in her family and lead to a broken nuclear family. Ever since, Jason and Beverly did not get along. Jason didn’t like the fact that his father left. He blamed it all on his mother. Due to Jason’s chronological age he thought it was her fault that daddy left, he was too young to realize what was going on. Beverly, being a single mother, becomes an innovator and starts dealing drugs with Faye, because Faye’s husband left too. One day, Beverly and Faye were engaged in a criminal behavior consisting of drying marihuana in the oven. They were doing it at Beverly’s house when the authorities came. The authority figure happened to be Beverly’s father. He had decided to pay her a visit out of the norm. The family of procreation, consisting of Amelia and...

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