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The question we could ask is: what exactly is technology? Technology is generally used to meet the many challenges of globalization, and to control two concepts namely ‘time and space’ in human communication. This means that people working with technology create new ways and means to control and reduce ‘time and space’ in order to meet the global challenges we are faced with. We see that in the 21st century technology is another term used to represent our modern life style, thinking and behaviour. Technology is also used by people to improve their surroundings, and it involves having to have some sort of knowledge in order to use certain machines and tools to do so. Furthermore technology is ...view middle of the document...

In industrial terms this meant that ‘speed of movement’ and ‘volume of production’ was extremely crucial. If take a further look at this, these terms basically meant that the amount of products or goods produced had to increase significantly and had to be done in a fast but efficient manner. This approach views technology as being an independent agent, one that holds its own ideas; has its own rules; course of development and consequences. Based on this we find that technological determinism thinks it’s autonomous, free from any social pressure (in a sense that society cannot force any demands upon it), and it also has a logic of its own. Furthermore, it also holds the belief that whatever technical invention it comes up with society will immediately accept it (without any questions)and a society ill then evolve, for example being called: ‘the steam age’, ‘the age of electricity’ or ‘the information age’ is all proof of this. However, this approach says that at first people will be shocked as to how new technological interventions have come into place, but if they decide not to adhere to these particular rules then they would be dealt with in a particular manner where by technology would try and isolate them (Murphie & Potts, 2003).
2. How it is determined by progress, speed and increases of volume production
Firstly the mode of production is central to the Marxism theory, and has to do with the way in which goods and services are organised in a society. This leads to how Marx found a relationship between the forces of production and relations of production to be a representation of society and the social change that is taking place. Furthermore, the forces of production are all the tools or technology that a society has in order to produce a product (for example: machine technology), (Trainer, 2010). Therefore Marx’s sees technology as a way of helping the economic system; which means that the force of production is central in this situation. This means that capitalists want to increase the number of products being produced, and in turn they also want to reduce the cost of production. The only way in which they could get this right is by replacing the labourers with machines (so that the above can be achieved). For example: a clothing factory before might have needed two people to sow a jean, but now by investing in machines, they reducing the amount of money spent on labour, by only having one person working the machine. This leads us to how technology has evolved over centuries and influenced social change (Bimber, 1994).
3. Technology and society
In 1957 the Soviet Union launched the first ever satellite named Sputnik, and the Americans were shocked to hear this. The Cold War was at its peak during that time, and the United States and the Soviet Union considered themselves to be enemies with one another. It was felt that if the Soviet Union could launch a satellite into space, then so could North America...

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