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Sociology Intro Essay

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Social Science i.e Psychology, history, political science, anthropology,
Economics: sustains capitalism – 70%
Systematic study of human society
• Point of view known as “the sociological perspective”
• Sociologist Peter Berger describes the sociological perspective as: seeing general in the particular or looking at the familiar in the strange.
• Individuals are unique, but society shapes the lives of people.
(Rich, poor, genders, executives, and faculty.
• Sociological perspectives can show us patterns
-of clothes people decide to wear.
• By examining patterns scientifically we can predict human behavior and understand how society guides and shapes ...view middle of the document...

- Single people, greater risk than married people ~ over 100 yrs still true.
- White Anglo Saxon people, males are more likely to commit suicide.
In Sociology… psychological reasoning is psychopathology
Cause and effect
social suicide
Early sociologist want to know how society operates
Free will: will; soul directs human behavior
- In religions, people free to choose good or evil
Determinism: position that events in the world (human behavior) determined by physical cause
• All events can be discovered and analyzed techniques of science
French social thinker ~ coined the term “sociology”
- Describe new way of thinking
- He was a young academic discipline - newer than othr soc sci
Theological stage: (middle ages) religious views of society expressed
God’s will
Metaphysical stage: (renaissance) society natural or unnatural
Scientific: (Copernicus, Newton) to study society
• Comte favored scientific approach of positivism when studying society.
Positivism: assertion that science rather than any other type of human understanding, in path of knowledge
• As a positivist Comte believed society operates according to laws that govern physical world like gravity and other laws of nature.
Theory: statement on how and why specific facts are related

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