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1. Discuss the differences between verification and validation and explain why validation is a particularly difficult process.
Verification is involved in the conformance to the specification. The specified functional and non-functional requirements must be checked to meet the system needs. Validation is checking that the system meets the requirements of the customer. Validation is a difficult process because there are different stakeholders who have different requirements for the system. So, the system being developed needs gradual changes to meet the users’ requirements. The identified needs when during the system specification stage may be different when the system undergoes testing.
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What types of error are unlikely to be discovered through inspections?
Program inspections are an effective technique for error discovery for the following reasons; inspections can find several faults in one testing without program crash or without being disturbed by the interference with the symptoms of other program defects. Also, inspections reuse domain and programming language knowledge. Error types can be viewed commonly in particular programming languages and in particular types of application. Therefore, system reviewer can easily focus on the error types during analysis.

4. How long will it take for the team to conduct software inspections?
Conducting the software inspections should only take a short time, no more than two hours. Inspections should be exclusively focused with identifying defects, anomalies and non-compliance with standards. The inspection team should not suggest how the defects be resolved nor recommend changes to other components.
5. Explain what a Cleanroom software development is. What are the teams involved when a Cleanroom process is used for large system development. Explain each team briefly.
Cleanroom software development is a software development philosophy that is based on avoiding software defects by using a rigorous inspection process. The goal of the approach to software development is...

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