Software Requirement Specifications Essay

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Software Requirements Specification
1.     Introduction
1.1     Purpose
This document is a definition of software requirements to develop an automated night class enrolment system and flexible query database required by St.John’s Central College. This document will present the functional, non-functional, and design constraint requirements for the system to be developed. Use case models and descriptions are included along with class diagrams to help model and specify the functional requirements and specifications of the system.

1.2     Scope
The software application that this SRS applies to a night class automated ...view middle of the document...

2.     User environment
2.2.1. The traditional system platform for the database is Apache server. I am using mySQL database and PHP scripting language
2.3. Assumptions and dependencies
2.3.1. It’s assumed that all the office staff of St.John’s Central College will get at least 2 hours training prior to the using of the database
3.     Specific Requirements

3.1. All fees are payable on enrolment
3.2 The formation of any classes is dependent upon adequate enrolment (minimum 8 students per class maximum 20 students per class)
3.3 Enrolment of all courses will be on first come first serve basis
3.4 Senior citizens (over 65 years) are entitled to 50% reduction fees

3.1     Functionality
3.1.1.     Night class enrolment form should be available on-line for all potential students;
3.1.2.     After submission of filled out enrolment form, student should get a confirmation message;

3.1.3.     Administration part of the software should contain office use only enrolment form;

3.1.4.     The system should have provisions for entering fee payments and refunds for the students;

3.1.5.     The system should provide the way to view the number of students enrolled for every course;
3.1.6.     The system should automatically generate receipt number after the fee is paid, this receipt should be in printable format;
3.1.7.     The system should provide the way to view, e-mail or print Class Register;
3.1.8.     The system should provide the way to enter and view examination results for every student;
3.1.9.     The system should provide the way to enter and view attendance for every student enrolled;
3.1.10.     The system should provide the end of the year Department of Education and Science report, including total number of students enrolled for the course, total fee paid and
number of enrollment hours per course

3.1.11. The system should provide a search engine by which the user can browse by enrolment year, enter key words, or enter student specific information. Based on this input, the system will list possible matches.

3.2     Usability
3.2.1. The user interface must be accessible by versions of Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator released since 1998.
3.2.2. A random group of 10 non-handicapped people who have filled out an application form on the internet at least once before, should be able to fill out the Enrolment form. They should be able to do this on a LAN connected computer with an unloaded server within 10 minutes.
3.2.3. The application should have a “Help” link that will pop-up a window explaining the instructions.
3.3     Reliability
3.3.1. The system should...

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