Solar Power Essay

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Background Information
Wind power and solar power are kinds of renewable energy. Wind farms were invented in New York in 1882 and it is connects with alternative current (AC) to convert to direct current (DC). According to Liu, Wang and Loh (2010, p. 746), wind turbines convert from AC to DC. It is around 20 meters high because there is a strong wind at the top which cause the rotors blade to move. Wind power are used in Countries; such as, the United States, Germany and China. Solar power plants were invented in 1980. There are two types of solar power which are mirrors and lenses. They are also used to connect AC/DC. Countries which use solar power are Germany, Italy ...view middle of the document...

The advantage of wind turbines and solar power plants is to reduce air pollution. Clean air pollution is important for people, animals and plants, but there is too much air pollution result global warming which can cause people to die. According to Kahn and Yardley (2007, p. 1), in China every year around a hundred of thousands of people die because of air pollution. The china government stills trying to find the solution to reduce this problem. Meanwhile, they used wind farms which reduce the amount of carbon dioxide and nitrous oxides that goes into the air pollution. Wind farm does not need to use fossil fuels like oil and coal when it works. The rotation of the blade is caused by the wind which converts to electric energy. Wind farms reduce the problems which emit in the air like acid rain (Wagner, 2006, p. 239). Also, solar power cell does not need to use fossil fuels. Solar power absorbs the energy from the sunlight which that converts it to electric energy. According to Bradsher (2009, p. 2), American government utilizes the solar power plants to reduce the air pollution.

Disadvantage of wind farm is noise. People who live surround the wind farms have issues to wind farm’s sound which reaches up to kilometers. Berg (2006, p. 42) explains that wind farms work at night and in the daytime. That means in the daytime the sound reaches from 100 to 500 meters to a village, but at night the sound will reach more than one kilometer. These problems may cause other issues in people’s life. For example, they might have a headache and stress because of wind farm’s sound. According to Shepherd (2010, p. 13), humans suffer from migraine and they cannot sleep very well.

Effect of weather conditions. The most serious problems facing solar power are clouds. As a result, households obtain on less electricity when there are a lot of clouds. According to the NASA, if there is lot of clouds in the skies the solar power cells will convert little of electric energy to support the households. Some countries have problems to use solar power cells in the seasons. For instance, in Japan, people cannot use solar power cells in the winter because of snow. As a result, it cannot convert solar radiation into electrical energy (Nakagawa, Tokoro, Nakano, Hayama, Ohyama and Yamaguchi, 2003, p. 2447). Another issue for solar power cells is sand storms. According to Kawamoto and Shibata (2013, p. 94) when sand storms cover the glass it will decline of produce the energy. Therefore, the government use wind power and solar power because they reduce harmful materials which are emitted in the air.
Wind Power and Solar Power in the Economy
The use of wind power farm and solar power plant has improved the country’s economy. According to Gass, Schmidt, Strauss and Schmid (2013, p.1), in 2003 Australia consumed around 415 MW of electric power but in 2010 it consumed almost 1,011 MW. This means renewable energy...

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