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Sold By Patricia Mccormick Essay

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A person that is shy and aloof, can change. Many people change over time. In Sold, by Patricia McCormick, Lakshmi changes frequently. Lakshmi is sold into a prostitution ring and undergoes hard times ahead. Lakshmi is sold to a woman that told her to call her “Auntie”. The women said she was going to work as a maid and her money would be sent back to her family. Lakshmi lived in a small village in Nepal. Her life was pretty simple, full of simple pleasures. Lakshmi had a little farm and the crops were washed away leaving no income coming in, and with her stepfather gambling away the little money they had they had to sell her. In the prostitution ring she is abused and tortured. Lakshmi ...view middle of the document...

Throughout Lakshmi being sold from her family she has always had hope. However, when Lakshmi gets drugged, she loses hope. She decides that she is no better than those other girls and starts to give in. Lakshmi says, “Here at the happiness house there are dirty men, old men, drunk men, sick men, I will be with them all. Any man, every man. I will become Monica. I will do whatever it takes to get out of here” (McCormick 227). Lakshmi will do anything that she can do to get out of the Happiness house and go home to her family. She will turn into Monica even if that means she has to be with hundreds of different men and work for a very long time. Lakshmi rebels and gives in.

Another way Lakshmi changes is she finds hope by waiting for the american that came to her room. This time she gave into his words of freedom. In the story, it explains how Lakshmi starts to give in, since their is no hope of ‘happiness’ in the Happiness House she decides she will leave along with the american. In the book she says, “When no one is looking I pack my bundle for my journey to the ‘clean place’ and hide it under my bed” (McCormick 123). Lakshmi has hope towards this american with his kind words and gentle touch. She doesn’t believe in happiness anymore, since her childhood and her innocence was taken at such a young age. She has been betrayed and lied to and the american, talking about a clean place and a...

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