Soldiers With Sense Of Duty Essay

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The reason key control and sensitive items are important in the United States Military under the guidelines of Army Regulation 600-20. This regulation prescribes the policies and responsibilities of command, which include the Well-being of the force, military discipline, and conduct, the Army Equal Opportunity Program, and the Army Sexual Assault Victim Program. Duty is obedient and disciplined performance. Soldiers with a sense of duty accomplish tasks given them, seize opportunities for self-improvement, and accept responsibility from their superiors. Soldiers, leader and led alike, worktogether to accomplish the mission rather than feed their self-interest. Integrity is a way of life. Demonstrated integrity is the basis for dependable, consistent information, decisionmaking,
and delegation of authority. Thus Giving troops constructive ...view middle of the document...

I will also ensure that I never lose my Id again by using the guidelines in Army Regulation 190-51. This regulation implements DODD 5200.8, Security of DOD Installations and Resources, and sets forth physical security policies, procedures, and standards for the safeguarding of U.S. Army property. It
provides guidance for protection of both sensitive and nonsensitive supplies and equipme n t , controlled cryptographic items , controlled medical substances and sensitive items, and historically significant items in the care of the U.S. Army museum system. It gives commanders the flexibility to enhance
physical security by adapting invested resources to meet local needs based on risk
analysis results. Actual physical security posture will be based on local conditions; however, it must not be less than the minimum standards for the categories of U.S. Army property specified in this regulation. This regulation prescribes policies, procedures, and responsibilities for safeguarding unclassified U.S. Army property, both sensitive and nonsensitive. Its policy objectives are to—
a. Establish standardized, minimum acceptable security requirements
for specified categories of U.S. Army property.
b. Provide a risk analysis method that allows commanders the
flexibility to tailor physical security posture and resources to meet
local needs.
c. Reduce loss, theft, misuse, and damage of Army assets cost

To provide the most practical protection for Army assets, commanders
must identify the assets to be protected and analyze the risks to those assets from espionage, sabotage, terrorism, damage, misuse, and theft. Analysis of these risks will assist in determining the type and minimum level of protection needed to safeguard the identified resources adequately.

There for on conclusion I will ensure that my sensitive items are adequately
Secured and I will also make sure that the keys my box are also in the right location.

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