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Solutions To Avoiding Bad Academic Writing

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Solutions to Avoiding Bad Academic Writing
By Jason Beneby
Northcentral University
This paper will assess the writing process and offer an explanation of how academic professionals process what is good academic writing, what are common mistakes made by academic writers, common criticisms against poor academic writing, and solutions how to avoid poor academic writing. The paper will discuss how academic professionals develop ideas, and go about expressing those ideas to their peers. The paper will also explain how academic professionals use complex information to explain simple ideas and phenomena, and how the use of such complex words, is often perceived as ...view middle of the document...

Their writing has been referred to as incomprehensible (Kelly, 1999), and filled with jargon used to explain simple concepts. This type of writing leads to poor academic style, where writhers are focused on the content style established by the medium of the publisher. Larry Grossburg offer defense of this academic style by saying “It's interesting that we expect scientists to have a technical vocabulary, but when it comes to the most complex system we know of - namely, human social existence - we somehow think we don't need a technical vocabulary to describe it.” (Kelly, 1999) It is with this logical thinking progress, that writers believe that there jargon serves a real purpose in the work; because it allows academics to use simple terms to stand for complicated ones.

Common Criticism of Poor Academic Writing

Academic writers are often criticized for presenting information that is dense and difficult to understand (Kelly, 1999), which is a popular writing style for higher learning. This writing style combined with a perceived absence of scrutinized editing in academic journals (Berube). Lead some in the scientific community to wonder about the credibility of those editing the articles and journals. An example of one such writer was Alan Sokal who in the spring of 1996 submitted “Transgressing the Boundaries: Toward a Transformative Hermentics of Quantum Gravity” a paper purposely filled with nonsensical jargon, but was examined and published in Social Text a respected journal. It was only discovered later when Sokal later wrote in the journal Lingua Franca: "Fair enough: anyone who believes the laws of physics are mere social conventions is invited to try transgressing those conventions from the windows of my apartment (I live on the 21st floor)" (Kelly, 1999, para 4). This instance is what gave some credence to the criticism that academic writing had become poor and lacked editing with academic rigor.

How to Avoid Poor Academic Writing

Professionals can avoid poor academic writing by presenting journals, papers, books etc, that even when containing higher learning ideas and complex thinking, it is...

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