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Solutions To E Waste Problem Essay

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In the last decades, technology became more sophisticated in creating modern devices. Consequently, in our disposable age most apparatus turn into aged ones in a couple of years or even months. This is one of the reasons why electronic devices become waste. E-waste is discarded, surplus, obsolete, or broken electronic devices or apparatuses. Most environment protection organizations maintain that e-waste induces health and pollution problems. The primary reason for this view is that almost all of the electric devices contain hazardous substances which are toxic and are not biodegradable. There are mercury, lead, and chromium in parts like circuit boards, batteries, and color cathode tubes. ...view middle of the document...

Although recycle companies require fixed fee, they provide following services: taking back, transporting, tracking and reporting programs. In addition, reporting program includes a final report. In this final report there is information about the values of materials. Eddy current separators (ECSs) and the Titech X-Tract Separator and Finder are extensively used in recycling industry. These machines sort the shreds; therefore, the recycling stages go faster. However, ECSs do not recognize stainless steel whereas X-Tract and Finder identify it (Krikke 2008). Finally, recyclers are responsible for reusing or for selling recycled materials. One example of this is DMC The Electronics Recycling Company, which has the purchasers for every sort of materials except batteries.

Another solution is for manufactures to adopt the responsibility. Michael McCarthy (2010) claims that this solution was proposed by The European Union in 2002. Thus, the manufacturers must follow some rules. The rules are to minimize hazardous substances in electronic equipment, take back and recycle the end- of- life electronics and use the recycled- content materials. Firstly, it will be better if manufacturers minimize the use of certain materials like plastic as it takes a very long time to degrade. Moreover, by minimizing the number of materials, the cost of the final product will decline. Secondly, there will be a good point to produce easily upgraded and recycled products since it will take less time to recycle in future. Finally, it is an obvious benefit to use recycled materials in new products (Electronic reuse and recycling 2002, 12). According to Jan Krikke (2008), “Sony is the first electronics company to offer unlimited free take back and recycling for all its products not contingent on a new purchase”. On one hand it is a positive aspect, but on another hand it will be more complicated for manufacturers to recycle old electronics and produce new ones.

The soundest and more affordable option for electronic waste problem is recycling. What is more, this target was recently achieved by recycling companies. The basis for this view is that for manufacturers it will be more complex to create modern machines or electronics simultaneously with recycling old devices. First of all, recycling companies have principally...

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