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Peer pressure is doing something that is not quite normal, but your friends pressure you into the situation because they do it. This definition of peer pressure is something that is always happening, especially with the world changing each day. Things like tobacco, alcohol, and drugs, are all possibilities that peer pressure is related to. However, in the texts “Shooting and Elephant” by George Orwell and “No Witchcraft for Sale” by Doris Lessing demonstrate peer pressure among many thing; however, there are many solutions resulting in good things compared to the bad things that have happened. Solutions to peer pressure in these texts could be many things, but the three that would work best ...view middle of the document...

” (Prentice Hall Literature [page 1333]). Gideon was a man who has done what no one had thought was possible. After Gideon had found a cure to help the man’s eye sight, he quickly became famous throughout the medical world to share his thoughts and how he had accomplished this. Though, not many people can say they had fixed a man’s vision, but Gideon plays a game till the very end. After Teddy had gotten his eye sight, Gideon was not pressured into giving away his secret into the cure he had discovered. In the science field today, many scientists would love to know the key idea to this finding. For which this discovery could be the very beginning to the cure towards cancer.
Finally, relating to both texts (“Elephant” and “Witchcraft”), both speakers could have told themselves what most do not. No matter what never fall to the occasion of doing something that you are uncomfortable with. Indeed this concept is very complex; however, with this mindset you are able to achieve what most could not. “And Gideon would double up with polite laughter…wipe his old eyes, and look sadly at Teddy, who was grinning mischievously at him across the kitchen.” (Prentice Hall...

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